Week 2 – No Live Music. What Can We Do ?

This is an incredibly difficult time for all of us. If you’re a working musician, you’ve had countless number of gigs canceled and lost income you will probably never recover. This is just the reality of the situation we’re in right now. We can’t even begin to guess when it will all end or, what it will be like once it does. So, what do we do in the meantime ?

I’ve seen a growing number of us “going live” on Facebook or Instagram over the past week or so. That’s one way we can keep busy and continue to engage with our audience without leaving our home. There’s no time restrictions and, with so many of us out of work at the moment, you can have a captive audience any time of the day or night. There’s a strong possibility you may reach people who have never seen or heard you perform before and establish an entirely new fan base. Some of us post links to PayPal, Venmo and other sites to generate tips. Some do it just to stay busy and share their music. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Just keep in mind that many of the people tuning in are experiencing financial hardship just like you.

Let’s talk about tips for a moment. If you are generating income from your live performances, maybe you’ll consider paying some of it forward to help others in need. One idea is to share a portion of your tips with your favorite bartender or server at a venue that you perform at on a regular basis. They may have had their hours drastically reduced or, may be out of work until this all blows over. They can’t generate income on line the way we can. I even saw a post from one musician saying he will donate 50% of his tips to any full time musician from his area who has no other income. He’s not from the Lehigh Valley but, I thought the gesture was worth noting. Whatever you do, try to remember those who can’t do anything at the moment.

Virtual open mic nights are becoming “a thing”. The first one I noticed was Chelsea Meyer’s virtual open mic last Wednesday evening. For those of you who are not familiar, Chelsea hosts an open mic night at the Leather Corner Post in Orefield every Wednesday evening from 7-10pm. She has a group page on Facebook (Open Mic Night at Leather Corner Post) dedicated to the open mic. You can ask to join the group through the Facebook page and participate from home until we get “back to normal”. There were several participants last night and, we all got 25-30 minutes to perform live. Time slots were assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Chelsea will host this event every week in it’s normal time slot and anyone is welcome. I’ve seen, and been invited to join, several others in the past week and I’m sure many more will pop up as the quarantine continues. If you are planning on hosting one, or know of someone who is, I’ll be happy to share it here.

Starting next week, the Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS” will be made up of scheduled live performances on Facebook or Instagram. If you have a schedule, share it with me at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com and you will be listed. I usually list Thurs-Sun live music schedules but, during the quarantine, I’ll list the entire week, Thur-Wed. If there are an overwhelming number of performances, I’ll do two separate posts on Thursday and Monday. On the “off” days, I’ll be doing a short article featuring the music of one local artist or band. I’ll do it on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like your music featured here, let me know through the email address above. My first feature will be the music of Resting Punk Face so, keep an eye out for that tomorrow or Saturday. Your music does not have to be original. If you are a cover band and have music on YouTube or some other on line source, I’ll share that as well. Remember, we could all use a little help from our friends so, support the local music scene in any way you can right now. Thank you for your continued support. Let’s keep the Lehigh Valley music scene alive and well.

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Support Local Music – Even if it Isn’t Live

This is a very difficult time for many of us who make our living – in whole or in part – through our music. While the bulk of our income is through live performances, there are other ways we can support each other. It may not replace what we lose through shut downs and cancellations but, it can help ease the burden of those losses. I know many of us are in the same boat and, supporting ourselves – at least financially – will be difficult enough. There are ways we can help each other without spending a dime and, I’m urging all of you to come together as a community and lend that support.

For starters, I’m inviting you all to post links to your music and/or social media in the comment thread on Facebook. Share this post with ALL of your friends, not just fellow musicians. The more people who lay eyes on this information, the more support we can generate for each other. If you can afford to help financially, do it by purchasing some merchandise. Many of us have music for sale on line, on CD or on vinyl. Quite a few others have t-shirts, mugs, etc that can be purchased on line so there is no “social interaction”. If you have merchandise to sell, consider offering free shipping with a minimum purchase to encourage on-line sales.

Use social media to encourage support for your fellow musicians. While it’s not much, we all earn royalties to some extent through streaming on sites like Spotify. Listen to local music as much as you can to build those numbers. Follow and share everyone who has music on line. Some may just be a few clicks away from reaching a target number of “likes”, or streams. Others may be just a few subscribers away from being able to monetize their YouTube channel. Search for local music on Itunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, CD Baby, Amazon, etc. and pick up a single. The 99 cents you spend may not seem like a lot but, when 100 people spend that 99 cents, it adds up. Many of us will be doing Facebook Live “concerts” from home and setting up virtual tip jars. While we may not be in a position to contribute in that way, many of our friends can. The more we do with a click or a share, the more we help each other get through this.

Live music will return to the Lehigh Valley eventually. Some places will pick up right where they left off when restrictions are lifted. Others may take some time to try to recover lost revenue before hosting live music again. Others may decide they can no longer afford live music or may be out of business altogether because the losses sustained were too great. All any of us can do is wait and see. When live music returns, the Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS” will return to it’s normal spot on Thursdays. If you decide to schedule and promote on-line live shows, let me know and I’ll promote them here. In the meantime, let’s do what we can to help each other and keep the Lehigh Valley music scene alive.

Between now and next Thursday, I ask any of you who have music to share and/or merchandise to sell to feed me your information. Please use lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com to do so. This will keep everything organized in one place and, for next Thursday’s post, I will share your information here. Thank you to everyone who reads and shares this and I appreciate your continued support. Let’s do this together.

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COVID-19 and it’s effects on Live Music

We are obviously in uncharted waters with the uncertainty of the long-term effects of the Corona Virus on the live music scene. What we do know is business closures and show cancellations or postponements are inevitable. They are, in fact, already happening. There were a few over the weekend and I expect there will be even more as the situation gets worse. I will continue to post the Weekly “HOT SPOTS” as long as there are any, however watered down they may be. Unfortunately, I found out about several cancellations last weekend after the fact so, staying on top of them may be difficult. I suggest checking the Facebook page or website of your favorite venue or band before venturing out to a show that may or may not be happening. Here’s what I know so far.

Cave Brewing Company – The open mic night (2nd & 4th Thursday of every month) is being suspended temporarily. Having performers come in and share microphones and equipment puts everyone involved at risk and they will resume once we get through this difficult period. There is a strong possibility that the taproom will be open for carry-out only forcing them to postpone live music as well. They will keep their website and social media up to date. Any cancelled shows will be rescheduled at a later date.

Godfrey Daniels – They have postponed operations for at least the next few weeks. They are working on rescheduling shows and will share the information as it becomes available. All open mic nights have been cancelled until further notice.

Eight Oaks Farm Distillery – Their tasting room will be open for carry-out only for the foreseeable future. As a result, there will be no live music until further notice. They may also be making phone-ahead pickup and delivery services available. Check their Facebook page or website for details.

Southside Arts District, Bethlehem – Spring on the Southside has officially been postponed until September. For details as well as announcements on other Southside events, please visit their Facebook page or website.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning and, in many cases, will effect the livelihood of not only the venue owners but, many musicians as well. Many of them will need your continued support to get through this period in time and, there are things you can do to help. Take a look at their social media or website. Many of them have merchandise that you can purchase on line. Buy a t-shirt or their music – or both. If they perform live on Facebook or YouTube, make a contribution through the virtual tip jar. Every little bit counts. Help keep the live music scene alive, even if you can’t see them in person.

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Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS” – 3/12-3/15/20

Let’s start with tonight’s open mics. Cave Brewing Company, Ralph Pagano, 5:30pm. ShawneeCraft Brewing, Jeremiah Williams, 6:30pm. The Wooden Match, John Cannavo, 8pm. Tonight’s live music has Kendal Conrad at The Farm and Fisherman at 6pm, Darin Jellison at Easton Wine Project’s singer/songwriter series at 7:30pm and the Stray Seeds at the Funhouse Southside at 10:30pm

Friday: Farmhouse Restaurant (Skippack), Kendal Conrad and Blue Ridge Winery, Mike Pilgermayer – both at 6pm. Cave Brewing Company, Michael Reisman and Weyerbacher Brewing, Mark Hannig – both at 6:30pm. County Seat Distillery, Doug Kaetz, Last Run Lounge, The Billy Bauer Band, Boser Geist Brewing, Stephanie Johnson Trio and Blend, Buskill Drive – all at 7pm. Seven Sirens Brewing, Doyle and the Dudes and Godfrey Daniels, Lucy Wainwright Roche, The Bridge Inn, Steve Brosky – all at 8pm. The Shanty on 19th, The Weekenders and 5 Points Bar & Grill, The Moondogs, both at 9pm. Pearly Baker’s Ale House, Mosey Beat and the Funhouse Southside, Last Night Out – both at 10:30pm

Saturday: Fegleys’ Bethlehem Brew Works, Public Displays of Rejection, 9am (yes, 9am). New Hope Winery, Doug Kaetz, 1pm. Blue Ridge Winery, Mike Pilgermayer, 2pm. Black River Farms, Payne Shelton, 3pm. Lost Tavern/Hellertown, Billy and Chris (Billy Bauer Band) and Lit Roastery, Chris Eichlin – both at 6pm. The Iron Mule, Bill Ihling, 6:30pm. Hardball Cider, Doyle and the Dudes, Easton Wine Project, Seth Witcher, Boser Geist, MoJo and Alice’s Restaurant, Shane Reimer – all at 7pm. Ship Inn, Michael Reisman and Godfrey Daniels, Frog Holler – both at 8pm. Seven Sirens Brewing, Drew and the Blue, 8:30pm. Hammerhead Lounge, Another Day Dawns with Crooked Ways and The Simmers ($10 cover), 9:30pm. . Foundation Tavern, Kendal Conrad, 9pm. Porter’s Pub, Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, 10pm. Funhouse, Dear Anna, and Pearly Baker’s, Redwood Reggae – both at 10:30pm.

Sunday: Blue Ridge Winery, Mike Pilgermayer, 2pm. Lost Tavern/Hellertown, Kendal Conrad and Black River Farms, John Rodden – both at 3pm. National Sokols, Shane Reimer & Them Spicy Boize with Well Wisher and Ghost Lily, 7:30pm. Funhouse, Ditch the Rain, 10:30pm.

I guess, in light of the current situation, I should mention that I will post on the Facebook should any of the above events be cancelled. In the meantime, it’s business as usual and it’s still a good time to get out and support your local music scene. If you want to be included in the Weekly “Hot Spots”, all you have to do is send me a message by Wednesday with your weekend show details. you can email lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com, send the info through Facebook messenger or use the “Contact us” form on the website. Most Godfrey Daniels shows are ticketed events. For more information go to http://www.godfreydaniels.org. Let’s keep the live music scene growing.

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VoV 2020 #3 – A Local Spotify Playlist

Your monthly, all local, all Lehigh Valley playlist is here. Listen to brand new music from Them Spicy Boize, Kendal Conrad, Neil Grover, Matt Dellecker and Stacy Gabel along with releases from several other local artists. This months’ playlist includes The Cody Templeton Band, Steve Brosky, Mike Pilgermayer, Ben Tyler, Darin Jellison, Joe Janci, Mosey Beat, Nick Cerniglia, and Michael Reisman/Acoustic Mayhem.

Add this playlist to your favorites and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to go back and do the same with #1 & #2 as well. This is just one more way you can support local music so, listen and enjoy. Do you have a new release or music you would like featured on our monthly playlist ? Is there someone you would like to see featured here ? Drop us a line at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com, through Facebook messenger or use the “contact us” form on the website. You can listen to this month’s playlist at the link below.

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Live Music Returns to “The Cave”

If you haven’t found a reason to visit Cave Brewing Company in the South Mall, now would be the perfect time. After taking a short break from the live music scene, “The Cave” is back with a full schedule of Friday evening events. Some of the area’s finest solo and duo acts are lined up to make this the place to be on a Friday night. While they started out as an “original music only” venue, you will now hear a variety of cover artists along with many of the Valley’s singer/songwriters. All shows start at 6:30pm and there is no cover charge.

Cave Brewing Company is located inside the South Mall at 3300 Lehigh Street, Allentown – just 3 blocks off the Lehigh Street exit on I-78. They have 16 craft beers on tap and, for those who aren’t into the craft beer scene, they offer a selection of local wines, meads and cocktails. This is a family and dog friendly venue so, you don’t have to leave the kids or your dog at home. While they do not currently serve food, you are welcome to bring your own with you or order from one of the many restaurants nearby. Dino’s Pizza (inside the mall) will deliver right to your table as will Grub Hub. There will also be food trucks on site from time-to-time. Happy Hour (4-7pm on Fridays) features $1 off pints.

The March lineup kicks off tonight with Jim Steager and special guest Rich Frikkers. They will be followed by Michael Reisman (3/13), Jaisen Taylor (3/20) and Jack Pierone (3/27). For scheduling updates and all information you can visit http://www.cavebrewing.com or follow them on Facebook. You can also check the event schedule on Voices of the Valley’s Facebook page. Come join us for an evening of live music tonight and every Friday night. Remember, “There’s Always Something Brewing in The Cave”.

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Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS” – 3/5-3/8/20

It’s a new month and another weekend is almost here. The weather is getting warmer and we get to “spring forward” into longer days. Pretty soon we’ll be playing outdoor gigs which means a few more places to play and busier weekends. In the meantime, there’s plenty to see on this first weekend in March. The singer/songwriter series continues tonight at Easton Wine Project, it’s First Friday on Bethlehem’s Southside, live music returns to Cave Brewing Company and the sun shines a little longer on Sunday. So, let’s “spring in” to some live music this weekend.

Thursday: Brick TavernSteve Brosky – 6pm. ShawneeCraft Brewing open mic – Jeremiah Williams – 6:30pm. Godfrey DanielsLehigh Valley Charter Arts School and Lost Tavern/BethlehemSmall Axe – both at 7pm. Easton Wine ProjectShane Reimer -7:30pm. Wooden Match open jam – John Cannavo – 8pm. Pearly Baker’s Ale House open mic – Carter Lansing – 9pm. Funhouse SouthsideThe Big Shaboozie – 10:30pm.

Friday: Downtown Allentown MarketDoyle & the Dudes and EZ MoneyMatthew Mosely – both at 5pm. Molly’s Irish PubBrian Kibler, Blue Ridge WineryMike Pilgermeyer, Lost Tavern/BethlehemDoug Kaetz and Farraco’s PizzaSteve Walker – all at 6pm. Two Rivers Brewing/QuakertownMosey Beat, Cave Brewing CompanyJim Steager w/Rich Frikkers and HiJinx BrewingThe Stray Seeds – all at 6:30pm. Easton Wine ProjectCarlos and Newberry’s Yard of AleHeart Headed – both at 7pm. Hop Daddy’s BrewingKendal Conrad and Molten Lounge – The Nerds w/DJ MC Taylor – both at 7:30pm. Colonial PizzaMark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, Godfrey DanielsSteve Forbert, Soma Downtown GrillJack Pierone, The Steel PubThe Weekenders, Tocci’s TailgatersLeah Marie Fuls and Pen Argyl LegionThe Knobby Whistlers, all at 8pm. Southside 313Deal – 9pm. Porter’s PubThe Cecelia Ferneberg Band and Wooden MatchRedwood Reggae – both at 10pm. Funhouse SouthsideDJ Discreet w/John Kimock dj/drum – 10:30pm.

Saturday: Tolino VineyardsMike Pilgermeyer – 1pm. Brook Hollow WineryJanci & Berry – 2pm. Black River Farms Island Time – 2:30pm. Pocono Brew PubMike Pilgermeyer – 6pm. Weyerbacher BrewingMosey Beat – 6:30pm. Boser Geist BrewingBen Tyler, Easton Wine ProjectAmerican Religion and The Pub on MainStacy Gabel – all at 7pm. Artie’s Bar and Grill1Supernova & Trapt, Godfrey DanielsJosephine County, Game Changer WorldThe Castaway Band, Three Mugs PubLeah Marie Fuls and Timothy’s LionvilleKendal Conrad – all at 8pm. Colonial PizzaBilly and Chris (Billy Bauer Band) and Two Rivers/EastonSteve Brosky Duo – both at 8:30pm. Sunset Grill/AllentownCetronia Soul Shakers, Trum TavernChelsea Lyn Meyer Band, Southside 313Bedlam Blues Band and Soma Downtown GrillDoyle and the Dudes – all 9pm. Sam Adams Brew HouseShane Reimer and Them Spicy Boize w/The Keystone Drifters – 9:30pm. Funhouse SouthsideTimmy’s Creep Show – 10:30pm.

Sunday: Hop Daddy’s BrewingRadioOne – 1pm. Seven Sirens BrewingRush Hour and Blue Ridge WineryMike Pilgermeyer – both at 2pm. Black River FarmsOnly Two – 3pm. Godfrey DanielsJim Kweskin – 7pm. Funhouse SouthsideChris Aguayo w/Angelica – 10:30pm.

So many choices. How do you decide where to go or who to see ? Go see your favorite band or go to your favorite venue for dinner and drinks. Maybe check out a new venue or go see someone you’ve never seen before. Whatever you do, do it with music. If you are planning on attending a show at Godfrey Daniels, visit their website for tickets and information at http://www.godfreydaniels.org. Support your local music scene and help it continue to grow.

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Live Music “HOT SPOTS” – 2/27-3/1/20

Let’s start with tonight’s open mic nights and their hosts – and, there are a few. Cave Brewing Company, Ralph Pagano, 5:30pm. ShawneeCraft Brewing, Jeremiah Williams, 6:30pm. Easton Wine Project, Chris Zelenka and Blend, guest host Vanessa Marchiano and Cinder Inn, Feelin’ Good – all at 7pm. Wooden Match, John Cannavo, 8pm. The open mic venues and hosts need your support, too !

Thursday‘s live music: Rusty Snow, Seven Sirens Brewing, 5pm. Kendal Conrad, Downtown Allentown Market, 5:30pm. Doug Kaetz, Artisans Wine & Cheese Cellar and Eliza Rush, Mansion House – both at 6pm. Dave’s Night Out (Dave Fry) with Christine Havrilla, Godfrey Daniels, 7pm. Billy T, The Paddock, 9pm. Mosey Beat, Funhouse Southside, 10:30pm.

Friday: Eliza Rush, Radical Wine, 5pm. Kendal Conrad, House & Barn, Leah Fuls, Lost Tavern Hellertown and Mike Pilgermayer, Blue Ridge Winery – all at 6pm. Emily Noel, The Corner Tap Room at Sage Alley, 6:30pm. Roi & the Secret People with Jaded Past and Candlelight Chaos, Arties Bar and Grill and Chris Colaiaco, Easton Wine Project – both at 7pm. Carter Lansing, Colonial Pizza, 7:30pm. The Groove Merchants, Seven Sirens Brewing, Ash & Snow, Reigelsville Inn, Jonny Cornelius, Game Changer World and The Hard Road Trio, Godfrey Daniels – all at 8pm. Jim Loftus, Mohegan Sun, 8:30pm. The Will Kiss Band, The Wooden Match, 10pm. Public Displays of Rejection, Pearly Baker’s Ale House and Crescent Moon with Sicman of Virginia and Ruby Dear, The Funhouse – both shows at 10:30pm.

Saturday: The Castaway Band, Weyerbacher Brewery, 1pm. Melanie Llana, Stony Run Winery, 2pm. A Girl & a Guy, Weyerbacher Brewery, 5:30pm. Metal Assault at Lehigh Valley (numerous bands), The Alternative Gallery, 6pm. Owen and the Alien, Seven Sirens Brewing, 7pm. Chelsea Lyn Meyer Duo, Foundation Tavern, Billy & Chris (Billy Bauer Band), Pocono Brewing, Shane Reimer, The Trapp Door, Kendal Conrad, JJ Ratigan’s Brewing, Chris Colaiaco, Soma Downtown Grill and Kim Wilson’s Blues All Stars, Godfrey Daniels – all at 8pm. Jim Loftus, Mohegan Sun, 8:30pm. StillCraft, Original Pocono Pub and Lakini’s Rooster, 5 Points Bar & Grill – both at 9:30pm. Leap Year Acoustic Duo (Doug Kaetz), Porter’s Pub, 10pm. Dear Anna, Funhouse and Mike Frank & Friends, Pearly Baker’s – both at 10:30pm.

Sunday: Radio One, Fegley’s Bethlehem, 11am. Pete’s Posse, Godfrey Daniels and The Stray Seeds, Seven Sirens Brewing – both at 2pm. Kendal Conrad, Black River Farms, 3pm. Heart Headed, The Funhouse, 10:30pm. There are also 2 open mics Sunday evening, both at 7pm – Godfrey Daniels with featured artist Timothy Zieger and The Social Medium Open Mic at The Alternative Gallery.

Hot Open Mic Spots This Week – 2/24

Looking for a spot to show off your talents ? Look no further. Here’s a peek at some open mic spots this week and their hosts.

TonightFunhouse Southside, Bethlehem, 10pm, Shaun Lally

Tuesday: – One Center Square, Easton, 6:30pm, Jon Doyle (Doyle and the Dudes). Colonial Pizza, Easton, 8pm, Lorenzo Bubba

WednesdayLeather Corner Post, Orefield, 7pm, Chelsea Lyn Meyer. Bell Hall, Allentown, 8:30pm, Tim Harakal.

ThursdayCave Brewing Co, Allentown, 5:30pm, Ralph Pagano. ShawneeCraft Brewing, Stroudsburg, 6:30pm, Jeremiah Williams. Easton Wine Project, Easton, 7:30pm, Chris Zelenka. Wooden Match, Bethlehem, 8pm, John Cannavo.

Get out and show off your skills at an open mic this week. Support the host and the venue. Keep the live music scene growing in the Lehigh Valley.

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Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS” – 2/20-2/23/20

Here’s a look at the choices you have to help support live music this weekend. But, before we do that, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped spread the word each week by liking, sharing and inviting your friends to read the posts and get out to support live music. The goal is, and always will be, to bring more people out to the venues and keep the Valley’s music scene alive. We also have an awful lot of talented songwriters in and around the Lehigh Valley. Continue supporting them by going to see them, buying their merchandise and listening to their music. They – we – all need your support and would love to see many of you out at our shows. And, on that note, Stacy Gabel’s new single – “High Heeled Shoes” – drops on Friday. Be sure to give it a listen. Here’s your weekend at a glance.

Open mic nights ThursdayShawneeCraft Brewing, hosted by Jeremiah Williams (6:30pm). The Wooden Match, hosted by John Cannavo (8:00pm). If you have a talent to share, go support one of the open mic nights tonight.

Thursday: Billy and Chris (The Billy Bauer Band) are at Lost Tavern, Hellertown and Kendal Conrad is at the Farm and Fisherman Tavern. Both shows start at 6pm. At 6:30pm, the Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo will be at Cave Brewing Company. Phil Swanson is next up at the singer/songwriter series at Easton Wine Project at 7:30pm. The Bastard Sons Presents will have Shane Reimer as this months’ guest at 8pm at Two Rivers Brewing. Late night has Taylor O’Conner of Mosey Beat at Pearly Baker’s Ale House (10pm) and Burn It Down at the Funhouse Southside at 10:30pm.

Friday: Ben Tyler kicks the night off at Easton Public Market at 6pm. Kyle Yankowy is at Union & Finch at 6:30. At 7pm you can see Kendal Conrad at Stable 12 Brewing, Jonny Cornelius at Easton Wine Project or Shane Reimer & Them Spicy Boize with Condition Oakland, Burt Reynolds and World Breaker at Keystone Ramp Works. The BC Combo EP release show is at Godfrey Daniels and Doyle and the Deubs return to Colonial Pizza at 8pm. Two Pints will be at Arooga’s at 9pm while Steve Brosky and John Cannavo entertain at The Shanty on 19th. The 10:30pm starts have Redwood Reggae at Pearly Baker’s and the Chris Hartford Band of Change at the Funhouse.

Saturday: You can start your day early at Stony Run Winery with the Rythm Road Duo at 2pm. Acoustic Bite is at the Slopeside Pub at 6pm while Audio Files returns to Cave Brewing Company at 6:30. The 7 o’clock hour has 3 shows with Radio One at Hop Daddy’s Brewing, Joe & Tony at Easton Wine Project and Johnny’s Juke Box Band at Marianna’s. At 8pm, The Chelsea Lyn Meyer Duo is at Foundation Tavern, MoJo at the Pub on Main, Michael Reisman at Colonial Pizza, Kendal Conrad at Klinger’s at the Airport, the Jealous Monks at the East Lawn Social Club and Pyrenesia takes the stage at Godfrey Daniels. John Cannavo is at 5 Points Bar & Grill and Ricky & the Rebels rock the Strange Brew Tavern at 9pm. StillCraft is at the Lynville Hotel at 9:30pm. Late night includes Shane Reimer (solo) at the College Hill Tavern at 10pm and at 10:30pm, the Will Kiss Band is at Pearly Baker’s while the Electric Cheese Melt Reunion show happens at the Funhouse.

Sunday: Last Sunday saw the much-anticipated “soft opening” of Seven Sirens Brewing Company in Bethlehem. This Sunday, the Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo will help celebrate that opening at 2pm. Also at 2pm, Kendal Conrad is at A’Dello Vineyard and Winery. If you can’t get out to see her in the afternoon, you can listen as she appears live on CCC Radio (Cedar Crest College) at 8pm. Lorenzo Bubba will finish off the weekend at the Funhouse at 10:30pm.

Let’s all go take in some live music this weekend and show some support to the musicians and the venues. If you are looking to attend a show at Godfrey Daniels, visit http://www.godfreydaniels.org for tickets and information. Thank you again for your continued support and keep an eye right here for more Lehigh Valley music news.

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