Bandcamp Friday – Help for Independent Artists

On the first Friday every month, Bandcamp waives it’s sharing fees in an effort to help independent artists who are feeling the pinch of the pandemic. It may not seem like a lot but, every little bit helps. Below is a list of musicians from in and around the Lehigh Valley who have music on Bandcamp. Show them some support by following them and give them a listen. If you like what you hear, buy an album a single, some merchandise if they have it. Whether you spend a dollar or fifty dollars you’re helping. Like I said, every little bit counts. If you are on Bandcamp and you are not listed here, drop your link in the comments on the Facebook post.

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February on Spotify – VOV 2021 #2

The Voices of the Valley February playlist is out now. Each month I release a new playlist featuring local artists from in and around the Lehigh Valley. This month we have brand new music from Waiting in Rio, Rinker, Andrew Chervak, Crooked Ways, Kendal Conrad and Seth Witcher. The 15-song playlist also includes recently released songs from artists like Mosey Beat and From the Dark River along with a few others. Support these local artists by listening, following and sharing their work.

If you have music on Spotify and, would like it to be heard, send me your links through the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email at All genres are welcome. I focus on the new releases first, then fill the list with suggested songs and/or personal favorites. Just let me know you’re out there and I’ll get your music on an upcoming playlist.

The link to this months’ playlist is below.

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Bandcamp’s No Fee Friday is Next Week

Local artists, are you on Bandcamp ? Let’s get some traffic to your site. Bandcamp waives their fees on the first Friday of every month. Take advantage of the opportunity to sell your music without paying the sharing fee for one day. Add your name to the growing list of artists by dropping your link in the comments on Facebook or send it to me through the “contact us” form on the website, messenger or email at I will publish the list on Wednesday, March 3 and again on Friday, March 5. You have nothing to lose – except a few sales. Let’s support each other. It’s one day a month where every penny counts just a little more.

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Weekly Music Lineup – 2/25/21

The final weekend in February is here and, dare I say, there’s no snow in the forecast. There is, however, some great music to take in, both in person and on-line. So, this week, instead of digging out, dig in to that calendar and fill up that free time with some music. There’s plenty to choose from and the artists – as well as the venues – can use your support. Not ready to go out just yet ? Order carry-out or delivery from your favorite bar or restaurant and take in a live performance from the comfort of your home. Many of these venues have an amazing outdoor seating area and the warmer weather will be here soon enough. Let’s all do our part to keep them going until then.

If you are a band, duo, solo artist or a music venue and you would like your events promoted each week, let me know by Wednesday and I’ll do the rest. Use the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email at If you are going to be live-streaming on Facebook, Instagram or any other source, let me know and I’ll get the word out. Whether you are streaming from a venue, a studio or your living room, just send me the date and time, I’ll make sure it’s included in the weekly lineup. Let’s take a look at what this week has to offer.

THURSDAY5pmOwen & the Alien, Folino Estate Vineyards. 6pmPaul Knakk, Steel Club, Steve McDaniel, Happy Hour Bar & Grill, Strawberry Jam, Boulder View Tavern, and Joe Mixon, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar. 6:30pm – Z Solo, Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery and Backyard Cabaret, Porter’s Pub. 7pmShaun Lally, Stooges.

FRIDAY6pmKendal Conrad, Thunderhead Lodge, DMC Duo, Insurrection Distillery and Ultra King Deluxe, Steel Club. 6:15pmPentley Holmes, Palette & Pour. 6:30pmRoyal Picks, The Iron Mule and Jeff Crosson, The Taproom at Weyerbacher. 7pmJonny Cornelius, Birthrite Brewing Co, Shaun Lally, Tacos y Tequila (Allentown), Nowhere Slow, Rivals Sports Bar, The Weekenders, Steel Pub, Two of a Kind, Woodstone Country Club, Heart Headed, Black & Blue, Kyle Yankowy, Easton Wine Project, Adam McKinley, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co, Skylar Love, Blueprint Brewing Co and GT3, Bookstore Speakeasy. 7:30pmJen Kinder, Liberty Taproom and The Stranger: Billy Joel Tribute, Musikfest Cafe. 8pmCody Wiley, Seven Sirens Brewing Co, Gary Higgens, One Ten Tavern, Brosky & Cannavo, Shanty on 19th, Ashley Marquez, Original Pocono Pub and Dear Anna, The Funhouse Southside.

SATURDAY2pmJohn Rodden, Seven Sirens Brewing Co and Enjinz Fire, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 4pm Yingling-Porter on Tap, Cardinal Hollow Winery. 5pmAndrew Moses, Sorrenti Family Estate Winery. 6pmZ Solo, Pocono Brewery, Kendal Conrad, Saucony Creek Kutztown Brewery, Fraser Thomas, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar, Brian Lally, HiJinx Brewery, Matt Filer, Insurrection Distillery, Nick Cerniglia, Saucony Creek Franklin Station Brew Pub, Ed McKendry, Steel Club and Joe Lazorik, McCooles at the Historic Red Lion Inn. 6:15pmA Girl & A Guy, Palette & Pour. 6:30pmContact Collective, The Iron Mule and Kickbacks, The Taproom at Weyerbacher. 7pm Tim Harakal, Gin Mill & Grille, Ruffian, Jabber Jaws Bar & Grill, Dynamic Duo, Rivals Sports Bar, Paul Knakk, The Wooden Match, Psych, Steel Pub, DMC Duo, Easton Wine Project, Skylar Love, Well Crafted Brewery, Stef & Mike, House & Barn, Honey & Nutz, ShawneeCraft Brewery, Eliza & Mike, Black & Blue, Heart Headed, Tacos y Tequila (Allentown) and Cannavo & Franco, 5 Points Bar & Grill. 7:30pm Jaime La Spina, Liberty Taproom. 8pmThe Moondogs, Seven Sirens Brewing Co, Mark Fahad, Original Pocono Pub, Nomadic Soulz, Shanty on 19th, The Big Shaboozie, Funhouse Southside and Dogs Playing Cards, The West End.

SUNDAY11am Jimmy Farrell, McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub. 2pmTwo of a Kind, Blue Mountain Vineyards, Mid Life Crisis, Desiderio’s Stone Tavern and Glenn Roberts, ShawneeCraft Brewery. 4pmMark Prestifilippo, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 5:30pmBill Shannon, The Iron Mule. 6pmZ Solo, Trails End Pub..

OPEN MIC NIGHTS – There are some really great open mic spots in the area. If you are into the open mic scene and you are comfortable attending one at this point, there are a few I highly recommend. If you haven’t heard yet, the Wooden Match has resumed their open mic night on SUNDAYS at 7pm with host Tim Harakal. This is a great venue with excellent food and a friendly atmosphere. They are currently hosting solo and duo acoustic acts only. Make plans to get out to Bethlehem and support Tim and The Match. The Shanty on 19th is another great place to go display your talents. Host John Cannavo provides a full backline and all are welcome to perform on THURSDAY nights at 8pm or SUNDAY afternoons at 3pm. Phil Stahl has been hosting open mics in the area forever and he hosts one at the Bowers Hotel every THURSDAY at 7pm. On MONDAY Nights at 8pm, you’ll find host Shaun Lally at the Funhouse Southside and, staying in Bethlehem, Seven Sirens Brewing Co is the place to be on TUESDAY evening with a 5pm start. Other open mics that may interest you: THURSDAY6PMShawneeCraft Brewery. 7pmRenegade Winery. MONDAY6pmDown River Brewing Co. TUESDAY7pm Old Mill Pub. WEDNESDAY7pmBlack & Blue and Desiderio’s Stone Pub. If you plan on attending an open mic, please bring your own microphone and instrument whenever possible and follow all health and safety guidelines.

ON LINE EVENTSTHURSDAY 4pmKendal Conrad, virtual single release party from the Bookstore Speakeasy. SATURDAY10:30amStacy Gabel on the Break Free International Summit and Launch (for more info see Rocking the Valley Shows of note: MONDAY8pmMoonlight Magic with Angie Morey. TUESDAY7pmCanadian Sessions with Samara Johnson, 8pmArtist Showcase – this week is Angie’s Birthday Bash, 9pmSteve Jones Live. WEDNESDAY8pmArtist Spotlight with Ralph, host Ralph Pagano, this weeks’ guest – Cassidy Rain. 9pmWhip it Out Wednesday with Angie Morey, this weeks’ guest –Brian Emmerton. There are shows on Rocking the Valley every night except Saturday. For a complete listing of shows and times visit You can view all Rocking the Valley shows on

There’s your lineup for the week. Let’s all try our best to help the venues stay open, the artists keep playing and the musi scene in and around the Valley continue to grow. If you can’t go out or are not comfortable going out at this time, please consider ordering food to go or delivery from your favorite bar or restaurant. Support the musicians on line by liking and following them on social media. A “click” costs nothing but, goes a long way towards helping them build a fan base. Listen to them on on line on Spotify, Apple music, YouTube or anywhere you stream your music and share with your friends.

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YouTube Playlist #2 – February, 2021

The second in a series of monthly playlists on YouTube featuring local Lehigh Valley artists. This month’s playlist includes videos from Stacy Gabel, Jordyn Kenzie, James Whiteman, Joe Janci, Alyssa Dodge, Kayla Avitable, Kara Young, StillCraft and Emily Noel. Help support local music by watching, sharing and subscribing to their channels. I also highly recommend checking out “Sippin with Shawn”, a weekly series on YouTube by Shawn Cavanaugh. Episode 18 featuring Headeye is available for viewing now.

As long as Lehigh Valley artists have music to share, I will continue to post a 10-track playlist each month. The monthly Spotify playlist will continue as well and this month’s will be out later in the week. If you have music on YouTube or Spotify that you would like to be included on either playlist – or both – please send me your links. You can use the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email at

Please continue to do all you can to help keep the music scene in and around the Lehigh Valley alive and well. The link for this month’s playlist is below. Listen and enjoy.

Weekly Music Lineup – 2/18/21

We have another jam-packed weekend of music in and around the Lehigh Valley. Unfortunately, we have to keep an eye on the sky as Mother Nature may have different ideas – yet again. For those of you hoping to get out tonight, it’s a pretty safe bet that most, if not all, of the shows listed will end up being cancelled. There are several venues that have already decided to close and I deleted those shows before publishing. Friday could be hit or miss but, hopefully, the rest week will be a little more favorable. On line shows may be the way to go and, we do have a few for you. If you do plan on heading out, please remember, stay safe, follow the guidelines and masks up.

If you don’t see your events listed here and would like to be included, it’s easy and it’s free. Whether you are a local musician/band or a venue owner/manager, you can send your schedule to me by Wednesday evening to be included in the weekly lineups. Simply use the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger at or email me at do include the Poconos, Carbon & Berks Counties and New Jersey as well as the Lehigh Valley. Here’s what I have for you this week.

THURSDAY5:30pmKendal Conrad, Woodstone Country Club. 6pmAlyssa Dodge, Tuned Up Brewing Co. 6:30pmBackyard Cabaret at Porter’s Pub. 7pmDoug Kaetz, The Wooden Match and Shaun Lally, Stooges.

FRIDAY5pmJonny Cornelius, Radical Wines. 6pmPaul Knakk, Barley Creek Tasting Room, Barefoot Duo, Bishop Estates Winery, Kendal Conrad, Bru Daddy’s, Mike Manning, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn, Dave Mell Blues Band, Saucony Creek Franklin Station Brewpub and Nick Cerniglia, Saucony Creek Kutztown Brewery. 6:30pmMark & Ralph, The Taproom at Weyerbacher, Ruby Dear, Musikfest Cafe and Allan Willcockson, The Iron Mule. 7pm Two of a Kind, Rivals Sports Bar, Z Solo, Pocono Brewing Co, Shaun Lally, Tacos y Tequila, Andrew Tirado, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co, and Frost Duo, Easton Wine Project. 7:30pmKeep the Change, West End. 8pm Powder Valley Bang, The Funhouse Southside, Cobra Boyz, Original Pocono Pub, Pentley Holmes, Seven Sirens Brewing Co, Vinyl Persuasion, The Shanty on 19th and Porter & Pierson, Warrior Bar & Grill. 9pmThe Boondock Barons, Fossil’s Last Stand.

SATURDAY 1pmKyle Campbell, New Hope Winery. 2pmAiden Bloomfield, Seven Sirens Brewing Co and Tim Waskevich, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 5pmBilly T Acoustically, HiJinx Brewing Co. 6pmScott Erickson, Insurrection Distillery, Kendal Conrad, County Seat Spirits, Michael Patrick, Crossroads Tavern, Keep the Change, Blueprint Brewing Co and Joe Lazorick, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn. 6:15pmHoney & Nutz, Palette & Pour. 6:30pmTim Harakal, The Taproom at Weyerbacher and Laurie Vosberg, The Iron Mule. 7pm Downtown Jimmy Brown Duo, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co, Lakini’s Rooster, Steel Pub, Louie & The Longshots, Jabber Jaws Bar & Grill, Brian Kidd, Gin Mill and Grill, Seth Witcher, Easton Wine Project, High Five Swan Dive Duo, Rivals Sports Bar and Steve Brosky & John Cannavo, Black & Blue. 7:30pmWayside, Indian Lake Spirits and Soul Cruisers, Musikfest Cafe. 8pmSunsets North, Seven Sirens Brewing Co, Greg Smith’s Off the Road, Lakeside Bar, Dynamic Duo, The Shanty on 19th, Dose, Original Pocono Pub and Stray Seeds, The Funhouse Southside.

SUNDAY1pmTwo of a Kind, Folino Estates Vineyards. 2pmAsh & Snow, Blue Mountain Vineyards, Ziggy, ShawneeCraft Brewery and Supernova, Desiderio’s Stone Tavern. 4pmHayley Jackson, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 5:30pm Jonny Cornelius, The Iron Mule. 8pmUrban Achievers, The Funhouse Southside.

WEDNESDAY7pmGreg Smith’s Off the Road, Steel Pub. 8pmAndrew Moses, Original Pocono Pub.

OPEN MIC NIGHTSTHURSDAY6PMRenegade Winery. 7pmShanty on 19th, Bowers Hotel, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. SUNDAY3pmShanty on 19th. 7pmWooden Match. MONDAY6pmDown River Brewing Company. 8pmThe Funhouse Southside. TUESDAY6pmSeven Sirens Brewing Co. 7pmOld Mill Pub. WEDNESDAY7pmBlack & Blue, Desiderio’s Stone Pub.

ON-LINE EVENTSSATURDAY7pmCorinne Mammana, Facebook Live. SUNDAY2pmTeatime with Chris (Chris Eichlin), Facebook and Instagram Live. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY – 1;11pm – Afternoon Delight with Headeye (Jason Headrington), Facebook & Instagram Live. Rocking the Valley has numerous shows throughout the week. For a complete listing of shows and times, visit Shows to note: TUESDAY7pmThe Canadian Sessions with Samara Johnson. 8pmArtist Showcase with Steve Jones. WEDNESDAY8pm Artist Spotlight with Ralph with Ralph Pagano (This week’s guest: Florida Wayne). 9pmWhip it Out Wednesday with Angie Morey (this week’s guest Buckskin Whiskey) All Rocking the Valley Shows streamed on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Bandlab.

There you have it – your week in music at a glance. Again, just a gentle reminder to follow all health and safety guidelines when attending live performances and/or dining out. If you plan on attending an open mic night, please bring your own instrument and microphone. Keep an eye on the weather and check with the venues before deciding where to go. Please continue do what you can to help support the local musicians and the venues that help keep the music scene in and around the Valley alive and well. If you are not yet comfortable going out, please consider ordering take-out or delivery from one of the great venues listed here. Thanks for all your support !

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Weekly Music Lineups – 2/11/21

I don’t know about all of you but, personally, I’ve had enough of the cold and the snow and winter in general. I look forward to the warm, sunny days where you can sit comfortably outdoors and listen to – or play – music. Those days are coming – soon I hope. In the meantime, what doesn’t stop is the music. Sure, there may be cancellations because of the snow or because it’s just too cold for the outdoor tents to do any good but, you’ll always find music somewhere. Whether it’s live, in person or on line, it’s out there, you just need to know where to find it. Hopefully this helps. This weekend provides plenty of opportunities to celebrate Valentine’s weekend (if that’s your thing) with dinner and live music. If you prefer to stay home and celebrate, there’s a few online shows that may interest you as well.

If you are an artist or venue owner/operator and, would like to have your events listed here each week, send me your schedule by Wednesday evening and I’ll make sure to include you. You can use the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger at or email at Please don’t forget to “like” and share our page on Facebook. Your lineup for the week is below.

THURSDAY6pmStrawberry Jam, Boulder View Tavern. 6:30pmBackyard Acoustic Cabaret, Porter’s Pub. 7pmShaun Lally, Stooges.

FRIDAY5pmTwo of a Kind, Radical Wines. 6pmGeorge Grillo, Happy Hour Bar & Grill, Doug Kaetz, County Seat Spirits, Layne “Doc” Roberts, Insurrection Distillery, Owen & the Alien, HiJinx Brewery, Leah Marie Fuls Duo, Washington House, Glen Hofmann Trio, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn, Honey & Nutz, Woodstone Country Club and Scott Carl, Pappy T’s Lounge. 6:30pm Cassandra Rose, The Taproom at Weyerbacher Brewing, Start Making Sense, Musikfest Cafe and Mark & Ralph, The Iron Mule. 7pmKevin Miller’s Smashed Duo, Rivals Sports Bar, Jordan White, Easton Wine Project, Shaun Lally, Tacos y Tequila (Allentown), Video Daze, Steel Pub, GT3, Palette & Pour, Kendal Conrad, J.J.Rattigan’s Brewery, Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen, ShawneeCraft Brewery, Powder Valley Bang, House & Barn and Time Whys, Hill-to-Hill Grille. 8pmThe Hard Way, Original Pocono Pub, Civilian Unplugged, The Funhouse Southside, Jonny Cornelius, Seven Sirens Brewing Co and Supra/Ayers Band, Cutillo’s.

SATURDAY2pmAndrew Tirado, ShawneeCraft Brewery. 6pm Michael Arnella Duo, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn, Dan Mies, Woodstone Country Club, Blue Moxie, Insurrection Distillery, Lonesome Found, ShawneeCraft Brewery, Erin Kelly, Thunderhead Lodge, Doug Kaetz, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar, Melody Cruz, Bell Hall and Chris Colaiaco, Saucony Creek Kutztown Brewery. 6:30pmHayley Jackson, The Taproom at Weyerbacher Brewing and Brian Molnar, Iron Mule. 7pmKendal Conrad, Easton Wine Project, Snow Betz, Rivals Sports Bar, Smooth Retsina Glow, Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works, Social Call Duo, Gin Mill Grill, Michael Patrick, Ship Inn, Jean Navarr, Jabber Jaws Bar & Grill, Dave Antonow, Bookstore Speakeasy and Ginger & the Schnappes, Palette & Pour. 7:30pm – The Amish Outlaws Jubilee Jug Band, Musikfest Cafe. 8pmThe Outcrops, Village Brewing Co, Chinchilla Tron, The Funhouse Southside, Jeni Hackett, One Ten Tavern, The Wonton Soups, Seven Sirens Brewing Co, Chelsea Lyn Meyer Band, The Gas House Dance Hall and Under the Influence, West End.

SUNDAY 11amKendal Conrad, Hamilton Kitchen & Bar. 1pmBen Tyler, Vynecrest Vineyards. 2pmScott Carl, Crooked Eye Brewery, Tony Alosi, ShawneeCraft Brewery and Jake Kaligis, Blue Mountain Vineyards. 4pmAbe Ovadia, Easton Wine Project. 5pmJoe Lazorik, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn. 5:30pmLou Pompilio, Iron Mule. 6pmThe Charlie Shaffer Trio, Bookstore Speakeasy. 7pmBrian Kidd, Seven Sirens Brewing Co and Andrew Moses, ShawneeCraft Brewery. 8pmMosey Beat, Funhouse Southside.

TUESDAY6pmGT3 Jazz Standards, Iron Mule.

WEDNESDAY7pmKinda Sorta Maybe, Steel Pub.

ON LINE EVENTSTHURSDAY4pmGallows Hill Virtual Happy Hour w/Kendal Conrad on Facebook Live. SATURDAY 3pmPunk & Preppy Episode 3 w/Prince & Dorothy Henderson. 5pmJake Thistle Live from the Watermark and 8pmBilly Bauer, all on Facebook Live. SUNDAY8pmKristen Morganstern, Facebook Live. This week on Rocking the Valley: MONDAY7pmTom Cooney’s Songwriters Alive. TUESDAY7pmSamara Johnson, live from Canada. 8pmArtist Showcase hosted by Steve Jones. WEDNESDAY8pmArtist Spotlight with Ralph – Special guest, Michael Patrick. Stream all Rocking the Valley shows live on For a complete list of shows and times, visit

OPEN MIC NIGHTSTHURSDAY6pmRenegade Winery. 7pmBowers Hotel, ShawneeCraft Brewery and The Shanty on 19th. SUNDAY3pmThe Shanty on 19th. 7pmThe Wooden Match. MONDAY6pmDown River Brewing Co. 8pmThe Funhouse Southside. TUESDAY6pmSeven Sirens Brewing Co. 7pmOld Mill Pub. WEDNESDAY7pmBlack & Blue and Desiderio’s Stone Tavern.

As you can see, the music scene in and around the Lehigh Valley is alive and well. We can only keep it that way if we continue to support the artists and the venues that bring it to us every week. If you are not yet comfortable attending a live performance, please consider ordering carry-out or delivery from one of the venues listed here. Listen to our local artists on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or wherever you stream your music. Buy a CD or other merchandise and use the virtual tip jar on live stream performances. Thanks for supporting local music.

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Weekly Music Lineup – 2/4/21

Now that we’ve shoveled away the snow from earlier in the week, it’s time to focus on the week ahead. And, let’s not buy into the hype of another “major snowfall” coming our way. Let’s be optimistic instead and focus on the great music we have coming our way. It’s all right here for you, both live, in person, and on-line. All you have to do is choose.

If you’re looking to get your events listed here, all you have to do is let me know what you have going on in the week ahead by Wednesday. You can do that by using the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger at or email at And, while you’re at it, please give the Facebook page a “like” and share. I’ll do the rest. Here’s a look at the week ahead.

THURSDAY6pmKendal Conrad, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar, Heart Headed, Tacos y Tequila (Allentown), Strawberry Jam, Boulder View Tavern and Social Call Duo, Covered Bridge Inn. 6:30pm Thursday Backyard Cabaret at Porter’s Pub (check ahead due to the weather). 7pmShaun Lally, Stooges and Jonny Cornelius, The Wooden Match.

FRIDAY6pmTBone, Thunderhead Lodge, Radio One, Bru Daddy’s, Kenny & Brit, Boulder View Tavern, Ultra King Deluxe, Steel Club, Adam Frei, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn and The Secret Reasons, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 6:15pmTim Harakal, Palette & Pour. 6:30pmThe Royal Picks, The Taproom at Weyerbacher, Start Making Sense, Musikfest Cafe, Ashley Marquez, The Iron Mule and The Leah Marie Fuls Duo, Two Rivers Brewing Co (Quakertown). 7pmNeil McNamara, The Bookstore Speakeasy, Jeff Crosson, Taylor House Brewing Co. (reservations required), Shaun Lally, Tacos y Tequila (Allentown), Naked Jake, Rivals Sports Bar, Steve Brosky & John Cannavo, Woodstone Country Club, Kendal Conrad, The House & Barn and Steven Wales, Easton Wine Project. 8pmWonton Soups, The Funhouse Southside, SnowBetz, The Shanty on 19th and Heart Headed, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 8:30pmThe Boondock Barons, New Tripoli Hotel.

SATURDAY1pmDoug Kaetz, Tolino Vineyards. 2pmSeth Witcher, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 5pmIsland Time Lite, Hijinx Brewery. 6pmDoug Kaetz (part II), Bru Daddy’s, Whiskey Mansion, Overlook Bar, Joe Lazorik, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn and The Teacher and the Poet, Insurrection Distillery. 6:15pmSteve Brosky & John Cannavo, Palette & Pour. 6:30pmJaycie & Michayla, The Iron Mule and Skylar Love, The Taproom at Weyerbacher. 7pmSteal the Sky, Rivals Sports Bar, Copper Fields, Easton Wine Project, Fabry, Black & Blue, Billy Trexler, Gin Mill & Grill, Neil McNamara, The Bookstore Speakeasy, Yingling-Porter on Tap, Crooked Eye Brewery and Street Box Strummer, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 7:30pmKendal Conrad, Gypsy Blu. 8pmAiden Bloomfield Trio, The Funhouse Southside, Chelsea Lyn Meyer Duo, The Shanty on 19th, Jimmy Leahy Trio, Lakeside Bar and The Stray Seeds, Seven Sirens Brewing Co.

SUNDAY2pmKendal Conrad, Black River Farms and Brian St John, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 3pmShaun Lally, Keelersville Social Club. 5:30pmLou Pompilio, The Iron Mule and 8pmHeart Headed, The Funhouse Southside.

WEDNESDAY7pmThe Boondock Barons, Steel Pub.

OPEN MIC NIGHTS – New spot this week: The Wooden Match will resume hosting open mic night on SUNDAY at 7pm. The remainder of the open mic schedule remains the same. THURSDAY6pmRenegade Winery. 7pmBowers Hotel and ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. SUNDAY3pmThe Shanty on 19th. MONDAY6pmDown River Brewing Co. 8pmThe Funhouse Southside. TUESDAY6pmSeven Sirens Brewing Co. 7pmOld Mill Pub. WEDNESDAY7pmBlack & Blue and Desiderio’s Stone Tavern.

ON-LINE EVENTS – New this week is a virtual open mic hosted by Bill Medei on Rocking the Valley at 7pm SUNDAY. Other shows to note on Rocking the Valley: SUNDAY5pm – Breast Cancer Support Charity Live Stream with Jaisen Taylor (also on Facebook Live), TUESDAY Night Showcase with this weeks’ guest, Smooth Retsina Glow, at 8pm and Artist Showcase with Ralph with special guest Chris Eichlin on WEDNESDAY at 8pm. For a full list of shows on Rocking the Valley, SUNDAY through FRIDAY, visit FRIDAY8pmJillian Rossi, Facebook Live. SATURDAY1pmPunk & Preppy Show, Episode 2, with Dorothy & Prince Henderson (Resting Punk Face) on Facebook Live and 7pm Last Call on YouTube Live.

There’s your week in music in and around the Lehigh Valley. If you are not yet comfortable going out to live events, there’s plenty to view on line and many other ways to support our local artists. On-line streaming and sales are just a couple ways you can do that. If you missed it, please check out yesterday’s article about Bandcamp Friday and give the artists listed there a listen. If you plan on attending one of the open mic nights, you are encouraged to bring your own microphone. Stay safe and keep supporting local artists and the venues that continue to give them a place to play. Carry-out and delivery are available at most of the bars and restaurants listed here. Let’s all do our part to keep the local music scene alive and well.

#localmusic #localartists #localvenues #supportlocal #carryout #delivery #livestream #VoV #voicesofthevalley

Bandcamp Friday – A Chance to Help Local Artists

The first Bandcamp Friday of 2021 is two days away. Why is that significant ? On the first Friday of each month Bandcamp waives their sharing fees in an effort to help independent artists during the pandemic. For artists – from midnight (Pacific) Friday through midnight Saturday, you can sell your music and/or merchandise on Bandcamp without paying their normal sharing fees. For fans – you have an opportunity to help by supporting your favorite artists during a time when their income may be limited. While many artists sell their music through several different platforms like ITunes, Amazon, Google, etc., others sell exclusively through Bandcamp.

Bandcamp offers not only the ability to purchase and download digital copies of the music like the other major sites, they offer some opportunities others don’t. One of those features is a “pay what you want” option many artists offer on their site. You can literally do just that – pay what you want for the an album, a single or even merchandise they may offer. You can listen before you buy. You can follow them on their site and get notified whenever they release new music. In many cases, you can order physical CD’s, T-shirts or other novelty items they offer and have them shipped directly to you. However you choose to support these artists, everything you do is appreciated. Every purchase, large or small, makes a difference so, please consider helping in some way this Friday.

If you want to be included in future Bandcamp Friday posts, send me your links through the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email at If you are not included here today, feel free to drop your links in the comments on Facebook and I will be sure to include you next month. The list of artists, and their links, is below. Please listen, follow and share. And, if you can, buy some new music.

#localmusic #supportlocal #buylocal #follow #share #bandcamp #bandcampfriday #VoV #voicesofthevalley

Spotify Playlist VOV 2021-#1

The first all-local playlist for 2021 is here. VOV 2021-#1 features brand new music from Leah Marie Fuls, Crooked Ways and the Jetpack Hyenas, some late 2020 releases from Mosey Beat, Dan DeChellis, The Dave Goddess Group, Smooth Retsina Glow, Mike Geroni, Acoustic Mayhem and myself plus some great tunes from Seth Witcher, Doug Kaetz & From the Dark River, Rofo Audio, Steve Brosky and Darin Jellison. Add it to your library, follow and share to help support local music.

Do you have new music coming out or a particular track you would like us to share ? The VOV playlists are open to all genres and any music old or new. Each month I will publish an new 15-song playlist on Voices of the Valley. I focus on new releases first then, fill in with whatever want us to hear. Send your information through the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email at It’s just one more way to help support the artists that create the music you hear in and around the Lehigh Valley. Listen to VOV 2021-#1 at the link below.

#localmusic #localsrtists #supportlocal #spotifyplaylist #newmusic #VoV #vov2021numberone #voicesofthevalley