Weekly Music Lineup – 11/18/21

A couple notes before we get to the lineups: NEXT WEEK – with the holiday, I will be posting a day earlier than normal on Wednesday. I will re-post the Wednesday shows and, in case I missed any with this weeks’ post, I will get them in next week. Please get your schedule to me by Tuesday evening. We’ll be back to normal the following week. OPEN MICS – I have seen several instances of people asking about open mic nights in some of the groups I am in. There is a pretty extensive list of open mic nights immediately following the daily lineups. There are currently 32 listed covering every day of the week. If you see someone asking, please share the link to the weekly lineup to give all the venues fair coverage. If you know of one that is not listed, please let me know and I will get it in there. Thanks ! Now, let’s all go listen to some music !

Do you want to make sure you don’t miss a Weekly Lineup ? Like and follow us on Facebook. Do you want to see your events advertised here every week ? Simply let me know your schedule by Wednesday evening. Whether your event is live and in person or on-line, you can promote it here. Use the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com. Here are this weeks’ lineups.


SATURDAY 11/20/21Toy Run After Party, Jabber Jaws Bar & Grille. Doors at noon, music at 2pm from The Buzz and Scott Marshall & the Highway Souls. For all the details: https://www.facebook.com/events/630241818142619

SUNDAY 11/21/21River Aid 2021, Downriver Brewing CoNoon – Music Lineup: Jim Roberti, Walter Lee, Kings of Queen Street, Nick Desouza, Toby Costa, Erin McClelland, Doug Batt, Zac Lawless, Sick Whiskey, Christina Lenway and Gary Wehrkamp. $10 cover.

WEDNESDAY 11/24/21The First Annual Lehigh Valley Turkey Jam, Musikfest Cafe6:30pmThe Groove Merchants, Trouble City All Stars and Tim Harakal.


THURSDAY 11/18/2111:15amDan Kassel, Bethlehem Farmer’s Market. 5pmRadio One, Lost Tavern – Bethlehem. 5:30pmPilgy, Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard and Honey & Nutz, Weis Pub – Macungie. 6pmMatt Miskie, Mansion House, Paul Knakk, Steel Club, Ring of Fire, Lighthouse Tavern, Strawberry Jam, Boulder View Tavern, Kendal Conrad, Sly Fox Brewery, Steve Brosky & Jim Brekus, Pedro’s Cafe, Shaun Lally, The Shelby, The McGeehan Duo, Griffs and Ash & Snow, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar. 6:30pmGrateful Duo, Porter’s Pub and David Paller Trio, Bookstore Speakeasy. 7pmBrendan, Stooges.

FRIDAY 11/19/212:30pmSeth Witcher, Christkindlmarkt. 5pmStranger Things Rock, New Hope Winery and Shaun Lally, Tacos y Tequila – Allentown. 5:30pmPilgy, Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard and Fraser Thomas, Weis Pub – Macungie. 6pmHannah Violet, Easton Public Market, Regina Sayles, Boulder View Tavern, Twin Hill, Insurrection Distillery, Stef, Mike & Erin, Blended by Bru Daddy’s, Billy T Acoustically, HiJinx Brewery, James Supra, Foundation Tavern, Jeff Crosson, Lost Tavern – Hellertown, Glenn Hoffman Trio, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn, Barefoot Duo, Bishop Estate Vineyard, Dave Mell Blues Band, Saucony Creek Franklin Station Brew Pub, Cody Wiley, Boser Geist Brewing Co and Smooth Retsina Glow, Southern Cross Kitchen. 6:30pmBoondock Barons, The Taproom at Weyerbacher Brewing Co and Bill Shannon, The Iron Mule. 7pmLorenzo, Stooges, Z Solo, Black& Blue, AM Radio, Steel Pub, Owen & the Alien, House & Barn, The McGeehan Duo, The Infamous Sports Zoo, Jake Bracey, Easton Wine Project, Secret Reasons, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co and Duane Beller, Palm Tavern. 7:30pmBilly Bauer Band w/Kendal Conrad, Musikfest Cafe. 7:45pmJim Brekus & Tom Kozic, Bookstore Speakeasy. 8pmMike Metzgar, Slate Pub, George Vincent, New Jerusalem Inn, Jesse Wade, 110 Tavern, Steve McDaniel, Derailed Taphouse, Adam Farley, The Original Pocono Pub and Joseph Acor & Jake, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 8:30pmVideo Daze, Rivals Sports Bar and The Buzz, The Shanty on 19th. 9pmPublic Displays of Rejection, F & A Grog House, Mike Frank & Fiends, Pearly Baker’s Ale House and Two of a Kind, Palmerton Sokol Hall. 10pm Dear Anna, Funhouse Southside.

SATURDAY 11/20/2112:30pmGinger & Joe, Alba Vineyards. 1pmEliza Rush, Setter Ridge Winery, Kate & Those Guys, Vyncrest Vineyards, Time Whys, Mountain View Vineyards, Just Jeff, New Hope Winery, Pilgy, Tolino Vineyards, Leah Marie Fuls, Richmond Farm Brewery and Steve Brosky, Stoney Run Winery. 2pmAsh & Snow, Black River Farms, Z Solo, Pocono Winery Taproom, Vinyl Persuasion, St. Gabriel Italian Club, Kenny & Britt, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co and Cassandra Rose, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 4pmMike Chet Beck, Bishop Estate Vineyard. 5pmCorrine Mammana, Easton Center Square Fountain. 5:30pmThe Third Winter, Weis Pub – Macungie and Kendal Conrad, Promenade Shops. 6pm Joanna Bea & Mike ET, Thunderhead Lodge, Ultra Kings DuLuxe, Lost Tavern – Bethlehem, Luca, HiJinx Brewery, DMC Duo, Insurrection Distillery, Helicopter Hot Tub, Saucony Creek Kutztown Brewery, Nick Cerniglia, Boser Geist Brewing Co, Whiskey Kreek, Saucony Creek Franklin Station Brew Pub and Erin McClelland, Boulder View Tavern. 6:30pmPistol Witch, The Taproom at Weyerbacher Brewing Co, Jaycie, The Iron Mule and Steve Brosky & John Cannavo, Two Rivers Tasting Room – Quakertown. 7pmStef & Mike, Easton Wine Project, A Girl & A Guy, Palette & Pour, Shaun Lally, Five Maidens Cider Co, Damian Walck, Taylor House Brewing Co, SteelCreek, Mt Bethel Fire Hall, Brian Roder, Broadway Grille, Andrew Koontz & Bill O’Neal, Dubliner on the Delaware, Palma Blu, ShawneeCreek Brewing Co, Deal Trio, Palm Tavern, Dirty Roxx, Steel Pub, Boondock Barons, The Cantilever and Marcus Angeloni, Blend. 7:30pmThe Aardvarks & The Sofa Kings, Musikfest Cafe and Johnny’s Juke Box Band, West Coplay Maennerchor. 7:45pmCecelia Coleman, Bookstore Speakeasy. 8pmMark & Ralph, The Brass Rail, Band of Brothers, East Penn Sporting Club, Social Call, 1836 Saloon, Blue Druzy, Descendants Brewing Co, A few Good Men, Rivals Sports Bar, Cold w/Sister Salvation, Waiting on Eternity and New Dilemma, Gin Mill & Grille, Jonny Cornelius, 21 Craft House & Kitchen, Bad Animals, New Hope Winery, Grey Man Group, Lakeside Bar, Scott Messina, Derailed Taphouse, Steve McDaniel, The Original Pocono Pub and The Wonton Soups, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 9pmSmooth Retsina Glow, Pearly Baker’s Ale House, Vik & Gene Quartet, Lafayette Bar, Bedlam, Trum Tavern, Blaming Amy, Tipton’s Tavern and Leah Marie Fuls, Hammerhead Lounge.9:30pmGabby Rox, The West End. 10pmStarting Tomorrow, Funhouse Southside.

SUNDAY 11/21/2110amJust So Duo, Emmaus Farmer’s Market. 11amGinger & Joe, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar. 1pmAnthony Cubbage, Folino Estate Vineyards, Susan Steen, Bishop Estate Vineyard and Steve Brosky & Jim Brekus, Bear Creek Mountain Resort. 2pmJeni Hackett, East Greenville Owls, Island Time Lite, Blue Mountain Vineyards, Fahad & Kelly, Lakeside Bar, Red Angel Duo, A’dello Winery, DMC Duo, Hardball Cider, Ziggy, ShawneeCraft Brewery and Pilgy, Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard. 3pmBrad Scott, Two Rivers Brewing Co – Easton, The Harrisons, The Highway Bar, Kendal Conrad, Lost Tavern – Bethlehem and Payne Shelton, Insurrection Distillery. 4pmStef & Mike, Christkindlmarkt, Steve McDaniel, The Taproom at Weyerbacher Brewing Co, The Wonton Soups, Seven Sirens Brewing Co and Bobby V, Cinder Inn. 5:30pmJames Supra & Brett Andrew, Weis Pub – Macungie. 6pmGeorge Grund/Cruz Rodriguez Latin Jazz, Bookstore Speakeasy. 10pmUrban Achievers, Funhouse Southside.

MONDAY 11/22/218:30pmAdam Niewood Trio, Porter’s Pub.

TUESDAY 11/23/215:30pmGinger & Joe, Yianni’s Taverna. 6pmShaun Lally, Tacos y Tequila – Allentown.

WEDNESDAY 11/24/215pmVinyl Persuasion, Covered Bridge Inn. 5:30pmStacy Gabel, Weis Pub – Macungie. 6pmScott Harrington, Tavern 519, Doug Kaetz, Five Maidens Cider Co, Billy & Chris, Lost Tavern – Hellertown and Supra/Ayers Band, Hardball Cider. 6:30pmJeni Hackett Duo, Richmond Farm & Brewery. 7pmMark & Ralph, Triple Sun Spirits – Emmaus, Copper Fields, Yergey Brewing Co, Stranger Things Rock, Palm Tavern, Walter Lee, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co, Doubting Thomas, Steel Pub, Seth Witcher, Easton Wine Project and Ginger & the Schnappes, Palette & Pour. 8pmMichael Patrick, Descendants Brewing Co, Cobra Boyz, The Original Pocono Pub, Greg Smith – Off the Road, Hammerhead Lounge, Two of a Kind, 110 Tavern, Brian Kibler, Blue Mountain Pub, Z Solo, 5 Points Grille & Pub and Sunsets North, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 9pm Tossed Salad, New Jerusalem Inn. 10pmThe Wonton Soups, Funhouse Southside.

OPEN MIC NIGHTS****NEW OPEN MIC ADDED – Not actually new but, new to this list – Taylor House Brewing Co, every other Thursday at 6;30pm. The next date is 11/18/21 **** THURSDAY – 6pm – Renegade Winery, My Tequila House and Jack’s Slice, 6:30pm, Taylor House Brewing Co, 7pm – Bowers Hotel, Cinder Inn, Steel Stacks, The Stanhope House, Broadway Grille, Blend (Final Thursday every month), New Jerusalem Inn (second & last Thursday) and ShawneeCraft Brewery. 9pm -. Rathskeller in the National Hotel. 10pm – The Bath Exchange, inside the Historic Slate Exchange Hotel in Bath. FRIDAY – 6pm – Hope & Coffee, Tamaqua. SATURDAY – 6pm – Bally Hotel (First Saturday Every Month). SUNDAY – 3pm,- Shanty on 19th. 4pm – Weis Pub, Macungie (every other Sunday beginning 10/31) and American Spirits Roadhouse. 7pm – The Wooden Match. MONDAY – 6:30pm – Crooked Eye Brewery (1st, 3rd & 5th Monday every month). 10pm – The Funhouse Southside. TUESDAY – 6pm – (every other Tuesday) Lost Tavern – Bethlehem. 7pm – Old Mill Pub. 8pm – Descendants Brewing Co (Ship Inn). WEDNESDAY – 6pm – Bally Hotel and Jabber Jaws Bar & Grill. 7pm – The Iron Mule, Black & Blue, Seven Sirens Brewing Co and Stooges, Allentown. 9pm – New Street Pub. If you plan on attending an open mic, you are encouraged to bring your own instrument and microphone.

WEEKLY ON-LINE SHOWSThursday – 8pm – Godfrey Daniels Concert Highlights on Folk Music Notebook. Friday – 7:30pm – Sippin with Shawn (Shawn Cavanaugh). Headeye (Jason Hedrington)Saturday Shenanigans, 9pm and Tuesday & Wednesday, Afternoon Delight, 1:11pm all on Facebook & Instagram. Not For Coltrane (Michael Duck) Stump the Band, Tuesday -12:30pm on YouTube. Rocking the Valley – ***NEW SHOW*** – “Downtown – Dinner & a Show”, every Tuesday at 7pm, broadcast live from the Shanty on 19th. This show is Recorded live every Tuesday and aired the following week. The entire show schedule on Rocking the Valley is being revised. Stay tuned for a new schedule coming soon. For more info visit https://www.rockingthevalley.com/

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