Ben Tyler Covers Petty and the Result is Amazing !

Ben Tyler is a very gifted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. If you have followed him at all, you know he has given us some great music to listen to. No need to look any further than his 2020 single, “Daughter of Mine” to get a feel for his talent. Some songwriters possess the unique ability to take another artist’s song and make it their own with incredible results. Ben is one of those songwriters.

Let’s face it, we’ve heard many hit songs over the years that were covered by other artists and the tendency is to say “Yeah, but the original was better”. And, in many cases, that is true. Every now and then, someone takes a song and completely transforms it in a way that stops you in your tracks. This is one of those times. While changing the dynamics and adding a little twist and turn, the song remains completely recognizable yet, totally new and different at the same time. This is a refreshing new take on Tom Petty’sI Won’t Back Down“.

Of course, when you get a little help from your friends, it makes the finished product that much more special. Recorded locally and produced by Jason Reif of Freestone Productions, Ben was surrounded by some of the areas best musicians that helped him bring the whole project together. Anthony Cubbage (drums, electric guitar, mandolin), Neil Grover (acoustic guitar) and Nicholas Capozzolo (bass guitar) were all major contributors. Jason Reif added some electric guitar and organ as well as background vocals that were right on point.

So, where can I hear this amazing cover of Tom Petty’s popular hit ? Well, it’s on it’s way. “I Won’t Back Down” drops on all major platforms this Friday, June 11. You can pre-save it now at Don’t sleep on this one. Click that link and be sure to listen the minute it drops. Then, listen again and again. You won’t be disappointed.

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