Anni Powell Bursts on to the Scene with “Wild and Free”

Anni Powell, to me, has been one of the best-kept secrets in the Lehigh Valley. Well, not any more. Her debut album, “Wild and Free”, will make sure of that. Anni’s incredible talent and angelic voice have come to life with this brand new release and I have a feeling she is just getting started. If her first album is any indication, we’ll be hearing from her for a long time to come. Of course, like any great project, she had a little help from her friends. Her sister, her husband and local favorite Chelsea Lyn Meyer all contributed to the final product but, the real focus is on Anni’s talent on the keys and, of course, her amazing voice.

The album starts with an instrumental track – Blue Heron, Pink Flamingo. The song was inspired by, of all things, a design on a beer can. She joked about the marriage between the two and the amazing voice the heron was blessed with and said “I think I’ll write a song and call it Blue Heron, Pink Flamingo”. It’s an upbeat, jazzy sort of tune that really displays Anni’s talent on the keys. The title track, Wild and Free, and the final track on the album, Friends are two softer, ballads. Both tunes have a soothing, relaxing air about them and really bring out the best in Anni’s vocals.

On the upbeat side, the album is complete with Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way and Dance With Me. Both tunes have a jazzy, reggae, ska sound to them that make you, well, get up and dance. The former was written as kind of a challenge to herself. With an upcoming gig featuring original music, she felt the need to write a few more songs to make sure she had enough material to fill her time slot. Pressed for time, she called on something her mother always said to her – “Can’t means won’t. If you want it, make it happen”. The inspiration for Dance with Me came to her during a wine and jazz festival where she got engaged to her husband, Toby.

In a nutshell, the entire EP is worth listening to over and over again. On March 24, Anni appeared on my show, “Artist Spotlight with Ralph” on Rocking the Valley. That show will be replayed on Rocking the Valley tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 8pm. If you would like to hear more music from Anni Powell and learn more about the making of Wild and Free, tune in at You can find Anni on Facebook at At the very least, go to the link below and listen on Spotify or, better yet, go to your favorite site to buy music and download your copy now.

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