YouTube Playlist #2 – February, 2021

The second in a series of monthly playlists on YouTube featuring local Lehigh Valley artists. This month’s playlist includes videos from Stacy Gabel, Jordyn Kenzie, James Whiteman, Joe Janci, Alyssa Dodge, Kayla Avitable, Kara Young, StillCraft and Emily Noel. Help support local music by watching, sharing and subscribing to their channels. I also highly recommend checking out “Sippin with Shawn”, a weekly series on YouTube by Shawn Cavanaugh. Episode 18 featuring Headeye is available for viewing now.

As long as Lehigh Valley artists have music to share, I will continue to post a 10-track playlist each month. The monthly Spotify playlist will continue as well and this month’s will be out later in the week. If you have music on YouTube or Spotify that you would like to be included on either playlist – or both – please send me your links. You can use the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email at

Please continue to do all you can to help keep the music scene in and around the Lehigh Valley alive and well. The link for this month’s playlist is below. Listen and enjoy.

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