Weekly Music Lineup – 2/18/21

We have another jam-packed weekend of music in and around the Lehigh Valley. Unfortunately, we have to keep an eye on the sky as Mother Nature may have different ideas – yet again. For those of you hoping to get out tonight, it’s a pretty safe bet that most, if not all, of the shows listed will end up being cancelled. There are several venues that have already decided to close and I deleted those shows before publishing. Friday could be hit or miss but, hopefully, the rest week will be a little more favorable. On line shows may be the way to go and, we do have a few for you. If you do plan on heading out, please remember, stay safe, follow the guidelines and masks up.

If you don’t see your events listed here and would like to be included, it’s easy and it’s free. Whether you are a local musician/band or a venue owner/manager, you can send your schedule to me by Wednesday evening to be included in the weekly lineups. Simply use the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger at https://www.facebook.com/lvvoicesofthevalley or email me at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com..I do include the Poconos, Carbon & Berks Counties and New Jersey as well as the Lehigh Valley. Here’s what I have for you this week.

THURSDAY5:30pmKendal Conrad, Woodstone Country Club. 6pmAlyssa Dodge, Tuned Up Brewing Co. 6:30pmBackyard Cabaret at Porter’s Pub. 7pmDoug Kaetz, The Wooden Match and Shaun Lally, Stooges.

FRIDAY5pmJonny Cornelius, Radical Wines. 6pmPaul Knakk, Barley Creek Tasting Room, Barefoot Duo, Bishop Estates Winery, Kendal Conrad, Bru Daddy’s, Mike Manning, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn, Dave Mell Blues Band, Saucony Creek Franklin Station Brewpub and Nick Cerniglia, Saucony Creek Kutztown Brewery. 6:30pmMark & Ralph, The Taproom at Weyerbacher, Ruby Dear, Musikfest Cafe and Allan Willcockson, The Iron Mule. 7pm Two of a Kind, Rivals Sports Bar, Z Solo, Pocono Brewing Co, Shaun Lally, Tacos y Tequila, Andrew Tirado, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co, and Frost Duo, Easton Wine Project. 7:30pmKeep the Change, West End. 8pm Powder Valley Bang, The Funhouse Southside, Cobra Boyz, Original Pocono Pub, Pentley Holmes, Seven Sirens Brewing Co, Vinyl Persuasion, The Shanty on 19th and Porter & Pierson, Warrior Bar & Grill. 9pmThe Boondock Barons, Fossil’s Last Stand.

SATURDAY 1pmKyle Campbell, New Hope Winery. 2pmAiden Bloomfield, Seven Sirens Brewing Co and Tim Waskevich, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 5pmBilly T Acoustically, HiJinx Brewing Co. 6pmScott Erickson, Insurrection Distillery, Kendal Conrad, County Seat Spirits, Michael Patrick, Crossroads Tavern, Keep the Change, Blueprint Brewing Co and Joe Lazorick, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn. 6:15pmHoney & Nutz, Palette & Pour. 6:30pmTim Harakal, The Taproom at Weyerbacher and Laurie Vosberg, The Iron Mule. 7pm Downtown Jimmy Brown Duo, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co, Lakini’s Rooster, Steel Pub, Louie & The Longshots, Jabber Jaws Bar & Grill, Brian Kidd, Gin Mill and Grill, Seth Witcher, Easton Wine Project, High Five Swan Dive Duo, Rivals Sports Bar and Steve Brosky & John Cannavo, Black & Blue. 7:30pmWayside, Indian Lake Spirits and Soul Cruisers, Musikfest Cafe. 8pmSunsets North, Seven Sirens Brewing Co, Greg Smith’s Off the Road, Lakeside Bar, Dynamic Duo, The Shanty on 19th, Dose, Original Pocono Pub and Stray Seeds, The Funhouse Southside.

SUNDAY1pmTwo of a Kind, Folino Estates Vineyards. 2pmAsh & Snow, Blue Mountain Vineyards, Ziggy, ShawneeCraft Brewery and Supernova, Desiderio’s Stone Tavern. 4pmHayley Jackson, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 5:30pm Jonny Cornelius, The Iron Mule. 8pmUrban Achievers, The Funhouse Southside.

WEDNESDAY7pmGreg Smith’s Off the Road, Steel Pub. 8pmAndrew Moses, Original Pocono Pub.

OPEN MIC NIGHTSTHURSDAY6PMRenegade Winery. 7pmShanty on 19th, Bowers Hotel, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. SUNDAY3pmShanty on 19th. 7pmWooden Match. MONDAY6pmDown River Brewing Company. 8pmThe Funhouse Southside. TUESDAY6pmSeven Sirens Brewing Co. 7pmOld Mill Pub. WEDNESDAY7pmBlack & Blue, Desiderio’s Stone Pub.

ON-LINE EVENTSSATURDAY7pmCorinne Mammana, Facebook Live. SUNDAY2pmTeatime with Chris (Chris Eichlin), Facebook and Instagram Live. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY – 1;11pm – Afternoon Delight with Headeye (Jason Headrington), Facebook & Instagram Live. Rocking the Valley has numerous shows throughout the week. For a complete listing of shows and times, visit http://www.rockingthevalley.com. Shows to note: TUESDAY7pmThe Canadian Sessions with Samara Johnson. 8pmArtist Showcase with Steve Jones. WEDNESDAY8pm Artist Spotlight with Ralph with Ralph Pagano (This week’s guest: Florida Wayne). 9pmWhip it Out Wednesday with Angie Morey (this week’s guest Buckskin Whiskey) All Rocking the Valley Shows streamed on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Bandlab.

There you have it – your week in music at a glance. Again, just a gentle reminder to follow all health and safety guidelines when attending live performances and/or dining out. If you plan on attending an open mic night, please bring your own instrument and microphone. Keep an eye on the weather and check with the venues before deciding where to go. Please continue do what you can to help support the local musicians and the venues that help keep the music scene in and around the Valley alive and well. If you are not yet comfortable going out, please consider ordering take-out or delivery from one of the great venues listed here. Thanks for all your support !

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