Weekly Music Lineups – 2/11/21

I don’t know about all of you but, personally, I’ve had enough of the cold and the snow and winter in general. I look forward to the warm, sunny days where you can sit comfortably outdoors and listen to – or play – music. Those days are coming – soon I hope. In the meantime, what doesn’t stop is the music. Sure, there may be cancellations because of the snow or because it’s just too cold for the outdoor tents to do any good but, you’ll always find music somewhere. Whether it’s live, in person or on line, it’s out there, you just need to know where to find it. Hopefully this helps. This weekend provides plenty of opportunities to celebrate Valentine’s weekend (if that’s your thing) with dinner and live music. If you prefer to stay home and celebrate, there’s a few online shows that may interest you as well.

If you are an artist or venue owner/operator and, would like to have your events listed here each week, send me your schedule by Wednesday evening and I’ll make sure to include you. You can use the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger at https://www.facebook.com/lvvoicesofthevalley or email at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com. Please don’t forget to “like” and share our page on Facebook. Your lineup for the week is below.

THURSDAY6pmStrawberry Jam, Boulder View Tavern. 6:30pmBackyard Acoustic Cabaret, Porter’s Pub. 7pmShaun Lally, Stooges.

FRIDAY5pmTwo of a Kind, Radical Wines. 6pmGeorge Grillo, Happy Hour Bar & Grill, Doug Kaetz, County Seat Spirits, Layne “Doc” Roberts, Insurrection Distillery, Owen & the Alien, HiJinx Brewery, Leah Marie Fuls Duo, Washington House, Glen Hofmann Trio, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn, Honey & Nutz, Woodstone Country Club and Scott Carl, Pappy T’s Lounge. 6:30pm Cassandra Rose, The Taproom at Weyerbacher Brewing, Start Making Sense, Musikfest Cafe and Mark & Ralph, The Iron Mule. 7pmKevin Miller’s Smashed Duo, Rivals Sports Bar, Jordan White, Easton Wine Project, Shaun Lally, Tacos y Tequila (Allentown), Video Daze, Steel Pub, GT3, Palette & Pour, Kendal Conrad, J.J.Rattigan’s Brewery, Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentlemen, ShawneeCraft Brewery, Powder Valley Bang, House & Barn and Time Whys, Hill-to-Hill Grille. 8pmThe Hard Way, Original Pocono Pub, Civilian Unplugged, The Funhouse Southside, Jonny Cornelius, Seven Sirens Brewing Co and Supra/Ayers Band, Cutillo’s.

SATURDAY2pmAndrew Tirado, ShawneeCraft Brewery. 6pm Michael Arnella Duo, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn, Dan Mies, Woodstone Country Club, Blue Moxie, Insurrection Distillery, Lonesome Found, ShawneeCraft Brewery, Erin Kelly, Thunderhead Lodge, Doug Kaetz, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar, Melody Cruz, Bell Hall and Chris Colaiaco, Saucony Creek Kutztown Brewery. 6:30pmHayley Jackson, The Taproom at Weyerbacher Brewing and Brian Molnar, Iron Mule. 7pmKendal Conrad, Easton Wine Project, Snow Betz, Rivals Sports Bar, Smooth Retsina Glow, Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works, Social Call Duo, Gin Mill Grill, Michael Patrick, Ship Inn, Jean Navarr, Jabber Jaws Bar & Grill, Dave Antonow, Bookstore Speakeasy and Ginger & the Schnappes, Palette & Pour. 7:30pm – The Amish Outlaws Jubilee Jug Band, Musikfest Cafe. 8pmThe Outcrops, Village Brewing Co, Chinchilla Tron, The Funhouse Southside, Jeni Hackett, One Ten Tavern, The Wonton Soups, Seven Sirens Brewing Co, Chelsea Lyn Meyer Band, The Gas House Dance Hall and Under the Influence, West End.

SUNDAY 11amKendal Conrad, Hamilton Kitchen & Bar. 1pmBen Tyler, Vynecrest Vineyards. 2pmScott Carl, Crooked Eye Brewery, Tony Alosi, ShawneeCraft Brewery and Jake Kaligis, Blue Mountain Vineyards. 4pmAbe Ovadia, Easton Wine Project. 5pmJoe Lazorik, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn. 5:30pmLou Pompilio, Iron Mule. 6pmThe Charlie Shaffer Trio, Bookstore Speakeasy. 7pmBrian Kidd, Seven Sirens Brewing Co and Andrew Moses, ShawneeCraft Brewery. 8pmMosey Beat, Funhouse Southside.

TUESDAY6pmGT3 Jazz Standards, Iron Mule.

WEDNESDAY7pmKinda Sorta Maybe, Steel Pub.

ON LINE EVENTSTHURSDAY4pmGallows Hill Virtual Happy Hour w/Kendal Conrad on Facebook Live. SATURDAY 3pmPunk & Preppy Episode 3 w/Prince & Dorothy Henderson. 5pmJake Thistle Live from the Watermark and 8pmBilly Bauer, all on Facebook Live. SUNDAY8pmKristen Morganstern, Facebook Live. This week on Rocking the Valley: MONDAY7pmTom Cooney’s Songwriters Alive. TUESDAY7pmSamara Johnson, live from Canada. 8pmArtist Showcase hosted by Steve Jones. WEDNESDAY8pmArtist Spotlight with Ralph – Special guest, Michael Patrick. Stream all Rocking the Valley shows live on twitch.tv/rockingthevalley. For a complete list of shows and times, visit rockingthevalley.com.

OPEN MIC NIGHTSTHURSDAY6pmRenegade Winery. 7pmBowers Hotel, ShawneeCraft Brewery and The Shanty on 19th. SUNDAY3pmThe Shanty on 19th. 7pmThe Wooden Match. MONDAY6pmDown River Brewing Co. 8pmThe Funhouse Southside. TUESDAY6pmSeven Sirens Brewing Co. 7pmOld Mill Pub. WEDNESDAY7pmBlack & Blue and Desiderio’s Stone Tavern.

As you can see, the music scene in and around the Lehigh Valley is alive and well. We can only keep it that way if we continue to support the artists and the venues that bring it to us every week. If you are not yet comfortable attending a live performance, please consider ordering carry-out or delivery from one of the venues listed here. Listen to our local artists on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or wherever you stream your music. Buy a CD or other merchandise and use the virtual tip jar on live stream performances. Thanks for supporting local music.

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