Weekly Music Lineup – 2/4/21

Now that we’ve shoveled away the snow from earlier in the week, it’s time to focus on the week ahead. And, let’s not buy into the hype of another “major snowfall” coming our way. Let’s be optimistic instead and focus on the great music we have coming our way. It’s all right here for you, both live, in person, and on-line. All you have to do is choose.

If you’re looking to get your events listed here, all you have to do is let me know what you have going on in the week ahead by Wednesday. You can do that by using the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger at https://www.facebook.com/lvvoicesofthevalley or email at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com. And, while you’re at it, please give the Facebook page a “like” and share. I’ll do the rest. Here’s a look at the week ahead.

THURSDAY6pmKendal Conrad, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar, Heart Headed, Tacos y Tequila (Allentown), Strawberry Jam, Boulder View Tavern and Social Call Duo, Covered Bridge Inn. 6:30pm Thursday Backyard Cabaret at Porter’s Pub (check ahead due to the weather). 7pmShaun Lally, Stooges and Jonny Cornelius, The Wooden Match.

FRIDAY6pmTBone, Thunderhead Lodge, Radio One, Bru Daddy’s, Kenny & Brit, Boulder View Tavern, Ultra King Deluxe, Steel Club, Adam Frei, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn and The Secret Reasons, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 6:15pmTim Harakal, Palette & Pour. 6:30pmThe Royal Picks, The Taproom at Weyerbacher, Start Making Sense, Musikfest Cafe, Ashley Marquez, The Iron Mule and The Leah Marie Fuls Duo, Two Rivers Brewing Co (Quakertown). 7pmNeil McNamara, The Bookstore Speakeasy, Jeff Crosson, Taylor House Brewing Co. (reservations required), Shaun Lally, Tacos y Tequila (Allentown), Naked Jake, Rivals Sports Bar, Steve Brosky & John Cannavo, Woodstone Country Club, Kendal Conrad, The House & Barn and Steven Wales, Easton Wine Project. 8pmWonton Soups, The Funhouse Southside, SnowBetz, The Shanty on 19th and Heart Headed, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 8:30pmThe Boondock Barons, New Tripoli Hotel.

SATURDAY1pmDoug Kaetz, Tolino Vineyards. 2pmSeth Witcher, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 5pmIsland Time Lite, Hijinx Brewery. 6pmDoug Kaetz (part II), Bru Daddy’s, Whiskey Mansion, Overlook Bar, Joe Lazorik, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn and The Teacher and the Poet, Insurrection Distillery. 6:15pmSteve Brosky & John Cannavo, Palette & Pour. 6:30pmJaycie & Michayla, The Iron Mule and Skylar Love, The Taproom at Weyerbacher. 7pmSteal the Sky, Rivals Sports Bar, Copper Fields, Easton Wine Project, Fabry, Black & Blue, Billy Trexler, Gin Mill & Grill, Neil McNamara, The Bookstore Speakeasy, Yingling-Porter on Tap, Crooked Eye Brewery and Street Box Strummer, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 7:30pmKendal Conrad, Gypsy Blu. 8pmAiden Bloomfield Trio, The Funhouse Southside, Chelsea Lyn Meyer Duo, The Shanty on 19th, Jimmy Leahy Trio, Lakeside Bar and The Stray Seeds, Seven Sirens Brewing Co.

SUNDAY2pmKendal Conrad, Black River Farms and Brian St John, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 3pmShaun Lally, Keelersville Social Club. 5:30pmLou Pompilio, The Iron Mule and 8pmHeart Headed, The Funhouse Southside.

WEDNESDAY7pmThe Boondock Barons, Steel Pub.

OPEN MIC NIGHTS – New spot this week: The Wooden Match will resume hosting open mic night on SUNDAY at 7pm. The remainder of the open mic schedule remains the same. THURSDAY6pmRenegade Winery. 7pmBowers Hotel and ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. SUNDAY3pmThe Shanty on 19th. MONDAY6pmDown River Brewing Co. 8pmThe Funhouse Southside. TUESDAY6pmSeven Sirens Brewing Co. 7pmOld Mill Pub. WEDNESDAY7pmBlack & Blue and Desiderio’s Stone Tavern.

ON-LINE EVENTS – New this week is a virtual open mic hosted by Bill Medei on Rocking the Valley at 7pm SUNDAY. Other shows to note on Rocking the Valley: SUNDAY5pm – Breast Cancer Support Charity Live Stream with Jaisen Taylor (also on Facebook Live), TUESDAY Night Showcase with this weeks’ guest, Smooth Retsina Glow, at 8pm and Artist Showcase with Ralph with special guest Chris Eichlin on WEDNESDAY at 8pm. For a full list of shows on Rocking the Valley, SUNDAY through FRIDAY, visit http://www.rockingthevalley.com. FRIDAY8pmJillian Rossi, Facebook Live. SATURDAY1pmPunk & Preppy Show, Episode 2, with Dorothy & Prince Henderson (Resting Punk Face) on Facebook Live and 7pm Last Call on YouTube Live.

There’s your week in music in and around the Lehigh Valley. If you are not yet comfortable going out to live events, there’s plenty to view on line and many other ways to support our local artists. On-line streaming and sales are just a couple ways you can do that. If you missed it, please check out yesterday’s article about Bandcamp Friday and give the artists listed there a listen. If you plan on attending one of the open mic nights, you are encouraged to bring your own microphone. Stay safe and keep supporting local artists and the venues that continue to give them a place to play. Carry-out and delivery are available at most of the bars and restaurants listed here. Let’s all do our part to keep the local music scene alive and well.

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