Bandcamp Friday – A Chance to Help Local Artists

The first Bandcamp Friday of 2021 is two days away. Why is that significant ? On the first Friday of each month Bandcamp waives their sharing fees in an effort to help independent artists during the pandemic. For artists – from midnight (Pacific) Friday through midnight Saturday, you can sell your music and/or merchandise on Bandcamp without paying their normal sharing fees. For fans – you have an opportunity to help by supporting your favorite artists during a time when their income may be limited. While many artists sell their music through several different platforms like ITunes, Amazon, Google, etc., others sell exclusively through Bandcamp.

Bandcamp offers not only the ability to purchase and download digital copies of the music like the other major sites, they offer some opportunities others don’t. One of those features is a “pay what you want” option many artists offer on their site. You can literally do just that – pay what you want for the an album, a single or even merchandise they may offer. You can listen before you buy. You can follow them on their site and get notified whenever they release new music. In many cases, you can order physical CD’s, T-shirts or other novelty items they offer and have them shipped directly to you. However you choose to support these artists, everything you do is appreciated. Every purchase, large or small, makes a difference so, please consider helping in some way this Friday.

If you want to be included in future Bandcamp Friday posts, send me your links through the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email at If you are not included here today, feel free to drop your links in the comments on Facebook and I will be sure to include you next month. The list of artists, and their links, is below. Please listen, follow and share. And, if you can, buy some new music.

#localmusic #supportlocal #buylocal #follow #share #bandcamp #bandcampfriday #VoV #voicesofthevalley

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