Bandcamp Waiving Fees Again.

Band camp Fridays are back starting in February. In an effort to lend some support to independent musicians during the pandemic, they are once again waiving their sharing fees on the first Friday of every month. Starting at midnight PST on Friday, February 5, Bandcamp members will pay no fees on sales for the 24-hour period ending midnight Saturday.

If you are on Bandcamp, drop your link in the comments on Facebook or send your info to me by using the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email me at If your link was in the December post, I will automatically include you this month. On Wednesday, February 3, I will publish a list of all the links I have so, spread the word and let’s all help each other take advantage of the opportunity to generate some sales without the normal sharing fees. This is open to anyone in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas including the Poconos, NJ and Philly areas. Thanks for helping support local, independent music !

#localmusic #localartists #bandcamp #nofees #bandcampfriday #lehighvalley #poconos #nj #philly #VoV #voicesofthevalley

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