Weekly Music Lineups – 1/21/21

It’s time, once again, to take a look at the music scene in and around the Lehigh Valley for the coming week. If you have upcoming shows – live, in person or on line – and would like to see them listed here it’s easy and it’s FREE. Send the information to me by using the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com. Thank you to everyone who follows and/or contributes to this post each week. Don’t forget to “like” and share us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/lvvoicesofthevalley

A few reminders before I get in to the music. As of January 1, I am now listing the entire weeks’ events (Thur-Wed) as opposed to just the weekend and I will list on-line events as well. In recent weeks, I have not listed open mic nights. I will list them at the end of this post and will continue to do so if that’s what you, the readers, would like to see. Now, let’s take a look at the music.

THURSDAY5pmStef & Mike, The Shelby. 6pmTim Harakal, Steel Club, Clayton Reilly, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar and Regina Sayles, Happy Hour Bar & Grill. 6:30pm, Backyard Cabaret, Porter’s Pub.

FRIDAY5pmSteve Johnson, The Shelby. 6pmKendal Conrad, Thunderhead Lodge, Tim Harakal, Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works, Rob Ballonoff, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar, All Things Brielle, McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn, and Regina Sayles, Boulder View Tavern. 6:30pmCurious Dog, The Iron Mule and Cubbage, Weyerbacher Brewery. 7pmSteve Brosky Duo, The Shanty on 19th, Seth Witcher, The Wooden Match, Hot Toddy’s, Steel Pub, Jon Ballantyne, Bookstore Speakeasy, Sage, Derailed Taproom, Streetbox Strummer, Easton Wine Project, Nowhere Slow, Rival’s Sports Bar and Stray Seeds, Woodstone Country Club. 7:30pmSupra/Ayers Band, Musikfest Cafe (ticketed event). 8pm At the Apollo, The Funhouse Southside.

SATURDAY2pmCassandra Rose, Seven Sirens Brewing Co and Brian Lally, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 5pmSteve Johnson, The Shelby. 6pmGinger & Joe, Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar, Kendal Conrad, County Seat Spirits, Honey & Nutz, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co, The Doc (Layne “Doc” Roberts), Insurrection Distillery and Joe Lazorik, McCoole’s at the historic Red Lion Inn. 6:30pmScott Messina, The Iron Mule and Tim Harakal, Weyerbacher Brewery. 7pmNomadic Soulz, Jabber Jaws Bar & Grill, Bad Influence, Steel Pub, Snow Betz, Gin Mill & Grill, Isaiah Nygard, Bookstore Speakeasy, A Girl & A Guy, Easton Wine Project and Billy Rooth, Derailed Taproom. 8pmSunsets North, Seven Sirens Brewing Co, Baba, The Funhouse Southside and Vinyl Persuasion, The Shanty on 19th.

SUNDAY2pmYingling-Porter on Tap, Crooked Eye Brewery, Kendal Conrad, A’Dello Winery and Mike Pilgermayer, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co. 4pmChris Colaiaco, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 7pmTim Harakal, Trails End Pub. 8pmHeart Headed, The Funhouse Southside.

WEDNESDAY7pmSons of Izzy, Steel Pub.

ON-LINE SHOWSBilly Bauer will be live on Facebook at 8pm Saturday. Rocking the Valley has weekly shows every Sunday-Friday, broadcast live in Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Band Lab and the Rocking the Valley website. For a complete listing of the shows visit https://www.rockingthevalley.com/. If you would like to appear as a guest on one of the weekly shows, you can contact them through the website or contact me at Voices of the Valley.

OPEN MICSThursday 6pmShanty on 19th and Renegade Winery. 7pmShawneeCraft Brewery and Bowers Hotel. Sunday3pmShanty on 19th. Monday6pmDown River Brewing Co. 8pmThe Funhouse Southside. Tuesday6pmSeven Sirens Brewing Co. 7pmOld Mill Pub. Wednesday7pmBlack & Blue and Desiderio’s Stone Tavern. If you plan on attending, it is highly recommended you bring your own microphone.

Under the current circumstances, if you are not comfortable attending live performances, please consider ordering take-out or delivery from one of the venues that provide a place for local musicians to perform each week. You can also support our musicians by tuning in to a virtual performance, streaming their music on line or buying their music and merchandise. Thanks for all you do to help keep the music scene in the Lehigh Valley alive and well.

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