Christmas in the Quarter – Week 7

As we head into week 7 in the Industrial Quarter, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the schedule and some schedule changes that include added days. First, the added days. In addition to the normal weekend hours, they will now be open Monday through Wednesday, 12/21-23. With the threat of a major snow storm coming tonight, they have already announced they will be closed tomorrow and Friday is “up in the air”. If you were planning on coming out to see Frank Porter tomorrow evening, there is a possibility we may be able to reschedule him. With the remainder of the week 7 schedule, keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates Here’s what we know about the live music schedule so far.

THURSDAY – closed. FRIDAY – TBA. SATURDAY – 2pm, Ginger & Joe. 4pm – Michael Reisman. SUNDAY – 1pm, Mike Metzgar. 3pm – Rick Focht. MONDAY & TUESDAY – TBA. WEDNESDAY – 2pm, Stacy Gabel. Again, this is all subject to change and I will update the Facebook page if and when there are any adjustments to be made.

As long as they are open, all other activities will remain the same. If there is a silver lining to the incoming snow, it will provide a nice backdrop for your holiday pictures and there will be plenty of photo opportunities. The art exhibits, cabin rentals, pop-up shops and the outdoor bar with Cave Brewing Company and Xplorer Spirits will all be there for you to enjoy. At the very least, it will begin to look a lot like Christmas in the Christmas City.

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