Bandcamp Friday is Right Around the Corner – Will You Cash In ?

What is Bandcamp Friday, you ask ? Since the onset of the pandemic, Bandcamp has waived their sharing fees on the first Friday of every month in an effort to help independent musicians. While it may not seem like a whole lot, every dollar counts, right ? Starting at midnight (PST), any sales you have on Bandcamp are free from any fees you would normally pay. If you have music and/or merchandise to sell on Bandcamp, now is the time to take advantage of their offer.

I ran this post last month and didn’t get much of a response but, I’ll try again for December. If you are on Bandcamp, send me your links through Facebook messenger or at On Tuesday, December 1st, I will publish all of the links here along with the few I got from last month. They may not continue this into 2021 so, this could be the last opportunity to take advantage of the “free” sale. Let’s all help each other out. Share your links and follow the others. It’s just one more way to help support local music.

#localmusic #supportlocal #followlocal #bandcampfriday #nofees #freemoney #VoV #voicesofthevalley

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