Headeye – Old School with a New Twist

There’s new music out there from Headeye and, it’s something you really need to hear – like, now. The best way to describe this new, Double A-Side single is refreshingly different in a really good way. As I listed through both tracks, I started drawing comparisons to some “Old-School” sounds with a surprisingly new feel. It was sort of like Yes meets Frank Zappa and Warren Zevon. It’s almost as if Rick Wakeman dragged the two of them into the future to write about the social media world we live in today.

“Facebook Booty Call” and “Disappear Now” aptly describe the day-to-day journey through social media. In an almost comical way, “Facebook Booty Call” is all about just what the title says. You get the feeling they are talking – singing – about trying to “hook up”, probably based on a profile picture. After all, who reads captions and comments anyway ? And, of course, there’s the successful hook-up, which probably does happen from time-to-time. “Disappear Now” is more about what many of us probably feel as we scroll through our news feed and that sometimes annoying feature – your memories. As he (Jason Hedrington) tells Facebook repeatedly to “Shut Up !”, I think to myself, “Yeah, I feel that way all the time”.

This latest release from an upcoming album is a follow-up to an earlier single -“Ja Aber Nein” – and the B-side – “Andy”. The first single – “Shadyside” and the B-side – “Irish Melody” are also a part of the big picture coming soon. A three-part release is scheduled over the next several months and features a little something for everyone – and then some. The digital release is planned for Cyber Monday, the CD should be out in time for the holidays and part 3, the vinyl, is targeted for some time around April, 2021.

There’s much more to this project than just “here’s some music, give it a listen”. The album is a collaboration with an all-star cast from around the Lehigh Valley as well as 3 others from Europe. In speaking with Jason, he described the general theme as “Space Rock” or “Headphone Rock” with a story to tell. He wanted to do what was “Best for the music” while “making it unique. Art and music that no one else is doing”. To that, I would say “Mission accomplished”. Unique, interesting, refreshingly different and well worth looking into. The entire project is being recorded and produced by John Paul DeBard at Studio 73 and a full list of all musicians involved can be found under news archives on the website. I highly recommend you not only listen but, take the time to explore the entire website for the full experience on what is yet to come. Here’s the link. Enjoy ! https://headeye.org/home

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