Bandcamp Friday – Are You Getting All You Can From It ?

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Bandcamp has offered an opportunity to help independent artists everywhere by waiving their sharing fees for a day. Each month, on the first Friday, you pay nothing to Bandcamp for any sales that occur during the 24 hrs from midnight to midnight, Pacific time. Processing fees charged by your bank, PayPal, Venmo, etc are separate.

I see this as another opportunity to help support local music. If you have your music on Bandcamp, go to our Facebook page – – and drop your links in the comments. Let’s all support each other by following on Bandcamp and, if you like what you hear, buy a song or an album on Friday to help out. Tomorrow afternoon, I will publish the entire list of links so they are easy to find and easier to share. We’ll do this again every month while the opportunity is there. We can all use a little help so, let’s all come together and make Bandcamp Friday work for us !

#localmusic #localartists #originalmusic #supportlocal #bandcampfriday #follow #share #VoV #voicesofthevalley

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