Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS” – 9/3-9/7/20

It’s Labor Day weekend, the “unofficial” end of summer. That just means an extra day to do you. If you’re anything like me, that means live music is a part of your weekend. And, this weekend is no different. There’s another wide range of shows to take in this weekend so, pick a spot or two and get out and support live, local music.

If you want to have your shows promoted in the weekly “HOT SPOTS”, all you have to do is let me know where you are by Wednesday. You can send your schedule to me every week, once a month or for the whole year if you like. Use the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email me at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com.

THURSDAY 5pm, John Cannavo’s Open Jam, Jack’s Slice and The Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, South Mall. 6pmThe Bobby Clark Band, Shappell Park, Mike Pilgermayer, Blue Ridge Estates Vineyards and Shaun Lally, The Shanty on 19th. 7pmKendal Conrad, Steel Pub.

FRIDAY4pmThe Moondogs, Tolino Vineyards. 4:30pmJohn Cannavo & Jim Brekus, Jack’s Slice. 5pm, Stranger Things Rock, Strawberry Family Restaurant and Deal, HiJinx Brewery. 5:30pmGT3 Jazz Trio, Notch Kitchen & Bar. 6pmBlue Moxie, Insurrection Distillery, Kendal Conrad, Bru Daddy’s, Jay Lapp, Whitfield House, Mike Pilgermayer, Blue Ridge Estates Vineyards and Smooth Retsina Glow, Invertase Brewing Co. 6:30pmMichael Patrick, The Iron Mule. 7pmStreet Box Strummer, Easton Wine Project, Scott Marshall & Marshall’s Highway, Steel Pub, Shaun Lally, Tacos y Tequila, (Allentown) and Doyle & From the Lazy River, The Wooden Match. 8pmGolden Twine, The Funhouse Southside. 9pmKings No More, Screwballs.

SATURDAY11amMichael Patrick, Holland Twp Farmers Market. 12:30pmEliza Rush, Four Sisters Winery. 3pmScott Marshall & Marshall’s Highway, Weathered Vineyards and Powder Valley Bang, Jack’s Slice. 4pmSmooth Retsina Glow, Eight Oaks Farm Distillers. 5pmThe Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, Strawberry Family Restaurant and Shaun Lally, Jabber Jaws. 6pmDerek Jones, Insurrection Distillery. 6:30pmBrian Molnar, The Iron Mule. 7pmLakini’s Rooster, Steel Pub, American Religion, Easton Wine Project and The Bandana Brothers, Pine Ridge. 8pmPenterra, Victims of Vengence & Iron Maiden Tribute, Artie’s Bar and Grill and Them Spicy Boize, The Funhouse Southside.

SUNDAY9amThe Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, Jake’s Flea Market. 2pmKendal Conrad, Black River Farms Winery and Smooth Retsina Glow, Blue Mountain Vineyards. 3pmPSX Trio, The Sandbar, The Payne Duo, Silver Birches and John Cannavo’s Open Jam, The Shanty on 19th. 5pmZiggy, Strawberry Family Restaurant, Joanna Bea and Mike ET, Insurrection Distillery and Shaun Lally, Fogelsville Hotel. 5:30pmJonny Cornelius, The Iron Mule. 8pmVan Go, The Funhouse Southside.

MONDAY – We have a couple Labor Day “bonus” shows for you at 2pm with Mike Pilgermayer at Blue Ridge Estates Vineyards and John Cannavo at Desiderio’s Stone Tavern.

Enjoy the holiday weekend and take in some live, local music along the way. Remember to take care of your servers/bartenders and the musicians and help keep live music going in the Lehigh Valley. Don’t forget to “like” and share Voices of the Valley on Facebook to help get your music promoted to a larger audience. Thanks to everyone who has supported this site and local music. We can’t do it without YOU !

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