Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS” – 8/20-8/23/20

We have another jam-packed weekend of live music in and around the Lehigh Valley. If you want to be added to the growing number of shows listed here each week, just let me know by Wednesday and I’ll be sure to include you. You can use the “contact us” form on the website, Facebook messenger or email at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com. Don’t forget to spread the word by clicking those “like” and “share” buttons on Facebook and get out an support live, local music whenever you can.

THURSDAY – 11:30am, Pentley Holmes, Pocket Park. 5pmJohn Cannavo’s Open Jam, Jack’s Slice and The Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, South Mall (Food Truck Thursday). 5:30pmShaun Lally, Tavern at the Sun Inn Biergarten. 6pmA Few Good Men, Shappel Park, Kendal Conrad, Cedar Hollow Inn and ITO & The Moonlight Hippies, Steel Pub.

FRIDAY – 11:30am, The Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, Pocket Park. 5pm, Seth Witcher, Hamilton Kitchen and Bar. 6pm, The Dynamic Duo, Jack’s Slice, Joanna Bea & Mike ET, Insurrection Distillery, Chris Condel & Mark Cook, Hardball Cider, Kendal Conrad, Bishop Estates Vineyards, Vinyl Persuasion, The Shanty on 19th and Cody Wiley, Seven Sirens Brewing Company. 6:30pm, John Cannavo & Adam Frei, McCoole’s at Historic Red Lion Inn, Steve Brosky, Two Rivers Taproom and Lou Pompilio, The Iron Mule. 7pm, The Cody Templeton Band, Steel Pub, Neil Grover, House & Barn, Double Trouble, Desiderio’s Stone Tavern and Kyle Yankowy, Easton Wine Project. 8pm, Will Kiss U Band, The Funhouse Southside.

SATURDAY – 12:30pm, Janci & Berry, Four Sisters Winery. 2pm, Mike Metzgar, Riverside Barr and Jimmy & the Parrots, Hardball Cider. 5pm, The Castaway Band, Macungie Tiki Bar. 6pm, Doyle & The Dudes, Seven Sirens Brewing Company, Mighty Manatees Duo, Jack’s Slice, Kendal Conrad, Bell Hall, Stef & Mike, Shanty on 19th, Pentley Holmes, Invertasse Brewing Company and Damian Walk, Insurrection Distillery. 6:30pm, Michael Patrick, The Iron Mule. 7pm, Z Solo, Black & Blue, Shaun Lally, McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub, Bad Influence, Steel Pub, Ralph Pagano (Solo), Riverside Barr, Mid-Life Crisis, Desiderio’s Stone Tavern and Just Jeff, Easton Wine Project. 7:30pm, Jeff Crosson, Taylor House Brewing Company. 8pm, ITO & The Moonlight Hippies, Funhouse Southside.

SUNDAY – 11am, Avilion, Quakertown Farmers Market. Noon, Kendal Conrad, Setter Ridge Vineyards and DOSE, Hardball Cider. 2pm, The Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, Black River Farms, Stef & Mike w/special guest Erin Kelly, Desiderio’s Stone Tavern, Pentley Holmes, Slopeside Pub and Janci & Berry, Brook Hollow Winery. 3pm, John Cannavo’s Open Jam, The Shanty on 19th and The Bandana Brothers, Boulder View Tavern. 5pm, Fraser Thomas, Artisan Wine and Cheese Cellar. 6pm, StillCraft, Murphy’s Hideaway, Z Solo, Trails End Pub and Jay Lapp, Seven Sirens Brewing Company. 8pm, Shaun Lally & Claudio Pinto, Funhouse Southside.

So, there you have it. This weekends’ lineup where even Sunday is full of great live music. If you are looking for more music closer to the Poconos, be sure to check out Rising Tide Music on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BeTheTide/ for a daily listing of events in that area. As always, be kind to your servers, bartenders and musicians and do all you can to support live, local music and the venues that bring it to you every week.

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