Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS” – 8/6-8/9/20

As a slightly less “festive”, mostly virtual Musik Fest enters it’s final weekend, there’s still plenty live music on tap around the Valley. The weather today and tomorrow looks less than ideal for outdoor music so, check with the venue before heading out to see your favorite artist. Some places will cancel, while others may move indoors but, with limited capacity. Let’s look at what’s in store for the weekend.

THURSDAY – Noon, Kendal Conrad, Pocket Park. 5pm, Doug Kaetz, Hamilton Kitchen & Bar, John Cannavo’s Open Jam, Jack’s Slice and The Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, South Mall (Food Truck Thursday). 6pm, Stef & Mike, The Shanty on 19th, Carlos Barata, Seven Sirens Brewing Co, The Frost Duo, Pocono Palace, The Bandana Brothers, Barley Creek Brewery, The Love & Duffy Duo, Wildflowers Inn and Video Daze, Shappell Park. 7pm The Will Kiss Band, The Wooden Match, Ian Althouse, The House & Barn and Z Solo, Cinder Inn and The Sofa Kings, Steel Pub. 8pm, The Mosey Beat Duo, Rivals Sports Bar.

FRIDAY – 4:30pm, Stef & Mike, Hamilton Kitchen & Bar. 5pm, The Moondogs, Tolino Vineyards. 5pm, Leah Fuls, The Boathouse. 5:30pm, GT3 Jazz, Notch Kitchen & Bar and Radio One, Setter Ridge Winery. 6pm, The Mighty Manatees, Jack’s Slice. 6:30pm, Scott Messina, The Iron Mule. 7pm, Colin O’Leary, Easton Wine Project, LUCA, ShawneeCraft Brewing Co., Doug Kaetz & From the Dark River, The Wooden Match and Girl Crue, Steel Pub. 8pm, Peter Johann Band, Seven Sirens, Brewing Co., and The Big Shaboozie, Funhouse Southside. Doyle & The Deubs, Rivals Sports Bar.

SATURDAY – 10am, Joe Argese, Nazareth Farmers Market. Noon, Bill Ihling, Four Sisters Winery, The Ginger Trio, The Wooden Match and Erin Kelly, Setter Ridge Winery. 1pm, Scott Marshall, Black River Farms and Pentley Holmes, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 2pm, Stef & Mike, East Allentown Fire Co. 5pm, Doyle & The Dudes, Hardball Cider, The Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, Insurrection Distillery and Flat Earth, Jack’s Slice. 6pm, Pentley Holmes, The Shanty on 19th and Leah Fuls, County Seat Spirits. 7pm, Luke McManus, Easton Wine Project, The Groove Merchants, Seven Sirens Brewing Co., The Bandana Brothers, Breezewood Acres Campground and Sterotype, Steel Pub. 8pm, Shane Reimer & Them Spicy Boize, Funhouse Southside, and The Dynamic Duo, Desiderio’s Stone Tavern.

SUNDAY – 8:30am, The Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, Jake’s Flea Market. 10am, The Jimmy Leahy Duo, RelaxNation. Noon, Jon Doyle, Pocono Mountain Harley Davidson. 1pm, Doug Kaetz, Folino Estates Vineyards, Smooth Retsina Glow, Bishop Estates Vineyards and The Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 2pm, The Moondogs, Murphy’s Hideaway. 3pm, The Bandana Brothers, Murphy’s Loft, Major Kit & The Bionic Defection, Steel Pub and John Cannavo’s Open Jam, The Shanty on 19th. 5pm, Kendal Conrad, Rivals Sports Bar. 6pm, Sunsets North, Seven Sirens Brewing Co. 8pm, Doubting Thomas, Steel Pub and Urban Achievers, Funhouse Southside.

Let’s all get out and make this another great weekend for live music in the Lehigh Valley. Don’t forget to check ahead in case of bad weather. Pocket Park, Shappell Park and the South Mall are strictly outdoors so, they will cancel in the event of rain. Remember to take care of your servers and musicians, be patient with all the restrictions in place, be safe and have a great time. Support local music and all the venues that bring it to you every weekend. If you want to be included in the weekly “HOT SPOTS”, let me know by Wednesday each week at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com, through the “contact us” form on the website or Facebook messenger.

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