Lehigh Valley Musicians Unite for Freedom

Touchstone Theater and the Lehigh Valley Song Project have come together to produce “Lehigh Valley Be Free”, a collaborative effort of a group of local musicians. The song, and the message behind it, is one of hope and freedom. Freedom from disease, violence and hatred. Due to the current restrictions in place with the outbreak of the corona virus, the musicians recorded separately. The song was written by Michael Duck, Matthew Mosley and Kira Willey, produced by Michael Duck (Webfoot Digital), Jason Reif (Freestone Productions) and Kira Willey (Kira Willey Productions LLC), mixed by Jason Reif and mastered by Pierre Salandy (OnPhire Master Mix). The video is available now at http://touchstone.org/LVBFREE .

On Thursday, July 23, the video was premiered as part of the “Songs of Hope and Resistance”, presented by Touchstone Theater. The presentation featured a live outdoor performance by several local musicians including Neil Grover, Dave Fry, Camille Armstrong, Liliana Cunha, Daniel Class and Jeremy Joseph. The entire performance is available to view at http://touchstone.org/songs-of-hope.

Lehigh Valley Song Project director Michael Duck views this as a unique opportunity to “take an artistic approach” to the many issues troubling our country today. He goes on to say “……..by breaking down barriers, celebrating the ways we can all help each other……” as part of the vision of the project. The hope is to continue producing projects such as this to keep the awareness on helping to make our society a better place. Through music and the arts, we have the ability to make a difference. If you would like more information on the project and on Festival Unbound, visit http://www.touchstone.org/season/. To help by donating to the project, go to  https://bit.ly/LVsongdonate.

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