“Live” Music Challenge – How are We Doing ?

It’s another week of “stay at home”, “self-quarantine”, “social distancing” or whatever term you want to apply. For us it means another week without live music. Venues are closed, there are no “HOT SPOTS” to tell you about and we may be without live music for the foreseeable future. Some of us are hopeful that everything will go “right back to normal” once the stay at home order is lifted. Others believe we will still be feeling the effects of this pandemic long after we can get back to living a near-normal life. So, how are we coping ?

Last week, in place of the Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS”, I challenged all of us to find at least one local artist or band we had never seen perform before. Watch a “live” performance on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and share what you found. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover someone you may not have noticed otherwise and, it is a form of support we can all use right now. While simply taking the time to watch is a way of being supportive, sharing the experience will make a much larger impact and, it costs nothing but a little bit of your time. By sharing the video or starting a watch party, you are inviting a much larger audience to discover new music as well. Now, more than ever, building a larger fan base is important for all of us. We can all benefit from helping each other and, again, it costs nothing but a little bit of time.

I started the challenge last week by “introducing” you to Eliza Rush and Carlos Barata. This week I spent some time watching/listening to two more artists I had never seen before. First up, The Bandana Brothers. Although I had seen Jaycie Cuprill perform solo on a few occasions, this was the first chance I had to see the full band. They are a cover band with their own unique twist on many classic rock favorites. They put on an excellent hour-long performance last Saturday and they will be doing it again this Saturday at 6pm. You can go back and check out their last video here https://www.facebook.com/BandanaBrothers/ or wait until this Saturday and check them out “live”. The second “new” artist I spent time listening to this week was Jonny Cornelius. You can check out his new solo music page at https://www.facebook.com/JonnyCmusic/ where you will find a link to his live performance from last night or keep an eye out for an upcoming performance. Jonny offers a wide range of tasteful covers from the Beatles era to the present and is well worth the time spent.

Another great source for discovering new artists is Rising Tide Music https://www.facebook.com/BeTheTide/. Jaycie posts a list of live performances daily from artists in and around the valley. Whenever you visit a Facebook, Instagram or YouTube page to watch a video, be sure to give that page a like, follow and share. Let’s all try to do a little something to help each other out during this difficult time. Keep the Lehigh Valley music scene alive and well while we are all trying to do the same. Thanks again for all of your support and for supporting the people who make the music.

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