Support Local Music – Even if it Isn’t Live

This is a very difficult time for many of us who make our living – in whole or in part – through our music. While the bulk of our income is through live performances, there are other ways we can support each other. It may not replace what we lose through shut downs and cancellations but, it can help ease the burden of those losses. I know many of us are in the same boat and, supporting ourselves – at least financially – will be difficult enough. There are ways we can help each other without spending a dime and, I’m urging all of you to come together as a community and lend that support.

For starters, I’m inviting you all to post links to your music and/or social media in the comment thread on Facebook. Share this post with ALL of your friends, not just fellow musicians. The more people who lay eyes on this information, the more support we can generate for each other. If you can afford to help financially, do it by purchasing some merchandise. Many of us have music for sale on line, on CD or on vinyl. Quite a few others have t-shirts, mugs, etc that can be purchased on line so there is no “social interaction”. If you have merchandise to sell, consider offering free shipping with a minimum purchase to encourage on-line sales.

Use social media to encourage support for your fellow musicians. While it’s not much, we all earn royalties to some extent through streaming on sites like Spotify. Listen to local music as much as you can to build those numbers. Follow and share everyone who has music on line. Some may just be a few clicks away from reaching a target number of “likes”, or streams. Others may be just a few subscribers away from being able to monetize their YouTube channel. Search for local music on Itunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, CD Baby, Amazon, etc. and pick up a single. The 99 cents you spend may not seem like a lot but, when 100 people spend that 99 cents, it adds up. Many of us will be doing Facebook Live “concerts” from home and setting up virtual tip jars. While we may not be in a position to contribute in that way, many of our friends can. The more we do with a click or a share, the more we help each other get through this.

Live music will return to the Lehigh Valley eventually. Some places will pick up right where they left off when restrictions are lifted. Others may take some time to try to recover lost revenue before hosting live music again. Others may decide they can no longer afford live music or may be out of business altogether because the losses sustained were too great. All any of us can do is wait and see. When live music returns, the Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS” will return to it’s normal spot on Thursdays. If you decide to schedule and promote on-line live shows, let me know and I’ll promote them here. In the meantime, let’s do what we can to help each other and keep the Lehigh Valley music scene alive.

Between now and next Thursday, I ask any of you who have music to share and/or merchandise to sell to feed me your information. Please use to do so. This will keep everything organized in one place and, for next Thursday’s post, I will share your information here. Thank you to everyone who reads and shares this and I appreciate your continued support. Let’s do this together.

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