VOV 2020 #2 – a Playlist on Spotify

The second in a series of playlists on Spotify featuring only original music from musicians in or near the Lehigh Valley. I’ll put out a new 15-song playlist at least once each month with a mix of new or recently released music as well as some past releases with no specific genre requirement. Some of the songs are suggestions from others while some are songs I listen to on a regular basis. Any and all feedback is welcome. If you want to be included, all you have to do is let me know how to find you on Spotify (if I haven’t already). Simply use Facebook messenger or email me at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com.

This months’ lineup has songs from Smooth Retsina Glow, Chris Colaiaco, The Sky is Falling, Leah Marie Fuls, The Billy Bauer Band, The Contact Collective, Crooked Ways, Kuriiiboy, Days Before Tomorrow, Wonderground, Doug Kaetz & From the Dark River, The Dave Goddess Group, Julia Sommer, Jordyn Kenzie and Stacy Gable.

Please give them a listen, share the playlist with your friends, follow on Spotify and like/share Voices of the Valley on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lvvoicesofthevalley/. Show these artists some love by listening at the link below.

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