VOV 2020 #1 – a Playlist on Spotify

This is the first in a series of playlists featuring original music from Lehigh Valley artists only. At least once each month – and possibly more frequently – I will post a new playlist comprised of songs from various Lehigh Valley musicians. The playlists are not genre-specific and the only requirement is that you be in the Lehigh Valley or the immediate area. This playlist has some brand new releases and a mixture of songs I listen to regularly but, I want your input as well. If you have a new song coming out or a song you would like to see on the playlist, let me know by dropping a link in messenger at https://www.facebook.com/lvvoicesofthevalley/. Each playlist will be 15 songs in length and, the more music I get, they more frequently I will create a new one.

This month’s playlist features Emily Noel, Chelsea Lyn Meyer (and a song from Chelsea & Emily), Seth Witcher, Andrew Dunn, Acoustic Kitty Project, Roi and the Secret People, Neil Grover, Sister Salvation, The Simmers, Brandon Bors, Miranda Hoehn, Shane Reimer & Them Spicy Boize, The Crowning and, yes, my latest single. Give it a listen, share it with your friends, show some love to local musicians, follow on Spotify and get your music to me so I can get it on a future playlist. You can listen to the first one at the link below.

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