50 SPOTS – Celebrating a city and it’s music

At noon tomorrow, music will fill the air in downtown Allentown. Organized by the Alternative Gallery and sanctioned by the city, 50 Spots will take place from noon to 4pm. Many local musicians will be participating at locations centered around the 7th and Hamilton Streets area and designated by a blue note on the sidewalk. From the Arts Walk to Pocket Park and the many businesses that are hosting this event there will be music to fit everyone’s taste.

For more information on the event, including a complete list of locations, visit the event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/391471504844900/ . You will also find an easy walking guide that will lead you on the best path to see all of the performers throughout the day. Come visit Allentown and help celebrate the arts, specifically live music, on this day and enjoy what is sure to be an amazing afternoon.

#livemusic #localmusic #alternativegallery #Allentownpa #artswalk #pocketpark #50spots #VoV #voicesofthevalley

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