Live Music “HOT SPOTS” – July 4-7

It’s a holiday weekend so, things are a little “light”. That doesn’t mean there’s no music out there and we have some “HOT SPOTS” for your Fourth of July Weekend. Remember, if you are a musician, a band or a venue that hosts live music and you want to be featured in our weekend “HOT SPOTS” all you have to do is get your information to us by Wednesday. Simply email us at or use the contact us form on our website.

If your are looking for something to so tonight, we have the perfect spot for you. Head to J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown for some of the best live music the Valley has to offer. There will be food vendors, craft beers, dance performers and live music followed by a fireworks display over Cedar Beach Park starting at 5:30pm. You’ll hear a “star-studded” lineup with the Billy Bauer Band, James Supra Band and Scott Marshall Band. It doesn’t get any better than that for your 4th of July.

Friday – Get things started on Bethlehem’s Southside with Out to Lunch at Molly’s Irish Pub featuring Leah Fuls. Then come back for the July edition of the First Friday Concert Series at 5pm. Both events are presented by the Southside Arts District and Voices of the Valley. You can find the full lineup at Also at 5pm – The Moondogs at Tolino Vineyards. 5:30pm – Smooth Retsina Glow at Setter Ridge Vineyards. 6pm – Chelsea Lyn Meyer Band at Coplay Saengerbund. 8pm – Nick Levinos at Colonial Pizza. 10:30pm – That’s What She Said at Pearly Baker’s.

Saturday – 2pm – Smooth Retsina Glow at Kospia Farms. 6pm – Public Displays of Rejection at Lost Tavern and Mojo at Marianna’s. 6:30pm – Rory D’Lasnow at Cave Brewing Company. 7pm – Jordan White at the Beef Baron and Ralph Pagano at Mueller’s General Store. 8pm – Jonny Cornelius at Colonial Pizza and the Dutchman’s Basement Blues Band at Godfrey Daniels. 9:30pm – Chelsea Lyn Meyer band at Sam Adams Brewhouse. 10pm – Jack Pierone at Porter’s Pub and 10:30pm – Lunch Trucks, Suffacox and Brother JT at the Funhouse Southside.

Sunday – 3pm – Moondogs at the Sand Bar and 4pm – Chelsea Lyn Meyer Band at Fossil’s Last Stand.

There you have it – your local live music for the weekend. Get out and support the artists and the venues that make live music in the Lehigh Valley possible.

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