Cave Brewing and Original Music – a Perfect Fit ?

The First Songwriters’ Showcase at Cave Brewing Company was a successful first step.

Despite a very slow start, the first installment of the Songwriters’ Showcase at Cave Brewing Company has to be considered a success. Scheduled for a 1pm start, the room was empty – literally. There were some concerns that this could be a total bust. After all, it was Fathers’ Day and a mid-afternoon show. Was there enough promotion ? Was all-original music an attraction ? Would people come to a mall to have a beer and listen to music ? All legitimate questions waiting to be answered on this Sunday afternoon.

As 1:30pm approached, two people – yes, two – came in and sat down at the bar. We were there to play music and entertain so, it was time to start. In a very short period of time the room began to fill up. Some said they learned about the event on Facebook, others by word of mouth. Others saw the signs throughout the mall during the week and made plans to come out. Perhaps one of the most encouraging signs was that shoppers heard the music from the corridors of the mall, stopped in to see what was going on and, stayed for the afternoon. The word we got from many was, now that they know about the music, they will be back.

From a musical standpoint, it was a real treat to co-host this event with Nick Lindsay. We couldn’t have asked for two more enjoyable guests than Bill McConney and Joe Janci. From the story-telling to the antics and the music itself, it was definitely a memorable afternoon. And, it was a pleasure to perform for an attentive and appreciative audience. If you missed out on the first Showcase, there will be plenty other opportunities to enjoy live music at The Cave. For starters, the Songwriters’ Showcase will take place every month on the third Sunday and there will be new guests to share their songs and stories with you each month. For more information about this and other live music events at Cave Brewing, visit their Facebook page or their website

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