We’re Out to Lunch – Every Friday

Summer is just around the corner and the Out to Lunch Concert Series is just heating up !! We’ll be finishing off our May schedule tomorrow and heading in to June with more lunchtime music coming your way.

Haven’t heard about Out to Lunch ? Together with the Southside Arts District and the host venues, we bring you a little mini concert to brighten your lunch hour every Friday from noon-1pm. Every month will see a different host and every week a different artist will carry the tunes. The month of May saw Andrew Dunn, Yingling – Porter on Tap, Tom Cooney Music and Peaschee perform at Playa Bowls and we’ll be wrapping up the month of May in style tomorrow.

If you haven’t been to Playa Bowls yet, now is your chance to enjoy the unique selection of tasty treats while relaxing to the sounds of local folk artist Steve Brosky. Once you’ve enjoyed the food at Playa Bowls, you’ll want to go back again and again. So, stop by 310 E. 3rd St for lunch tomorrow and stay tuned for June’s line-up coming soon.

#livemusic #outtolunch #playabowls #stevebrosky #acousticmusic #southsideartsdistrict #VV

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