VOV 2020 #1 – a Playlist on Spotify

This is the first in a series of playlists featuring original music from Lehigh Valley artists only. At least once each month – and possibly more frequently – I will post a new playlist comprised of songs from various Lehigh Valley musicians. The playlists are not genre-specific and the only requirement is that you be in the Lehigh Valley or the immediate area. This playlist has some brand new releases and a mixture of songs I listen to regularly but, I want your input as well. If you have a new song coming out or a song you would like to see on the playlist, let me know by dropping a link in messenger at https://www.facebook.com/lvvoicesofthevalley/. Each playlist will be 15 songs in length and, the more music I get, they more frequently I will create a new one.

This month’s playlist features Emily Noel, Chelsea Lyn Meyer (and a song from Chelsea & Emily), Seth Witcher, Andrew Dunn, Acoustic Kitty Project, Roi and the Secret People, Neil Grover, Sister Salvation, The Simmers, Brandon Bors, Miranda Hoehn, Shane Reimer & Them Spicy Boize, The Crowning and, yes, my latest single. Give it a listen, share it with your friends, show some love to local musicians, follow on Spotify and get your music to me so I can get it on a future playlist. You can listen to the first one at the link below.

Weekly Live Music "HOT SPOTS" – 1/16-1/19/20

The singer/songwriter series continues tonight at Easton Wine Project with a new start time (7:30pm) featuring Colin O’Leary. If an open mic night is your thing, Shawnee Craft Brewery has one every Thursday at 7pm, hosted by Jeremiah Williams. Other events to get your weekend started a day early include the Chris Cummings Trio at the Hotel Bethlehem (6pm), Junior Watson at Godfrey Daniels (7:30pm), The Bastard Sons Present: Neil Grover at Two Rivers Brewing (8pm), Dave Johnsen at Pearly Baker’s Ale House (9:30pm) and Mosey Beat at the Funhouse Southside (10:30pm).

Friday: Leah Marie Fuls will kick off comedy night with a live music perrformance at Luckenbach Mill at 5:30pm (tickets are $20 – see http://www.historicbethlehem.org for details). Easton Wine Project will host the Angela Evans Duo at 7pm. The 8 o’clock hour has Bill Ihling at the Corner Pocket Saloon, Corinne Mammana at Godfrey Daniels and Acoustic Kitty Project with TNG America & Twisted Times at Arties Bar and Grill. Billy & Chris from the Billy Bauer Band will be at Colonial Pizza at 8:30pm. Late night shows include Lonnie Griffiths at Porter’s Pub (10pm), the Moondogs at the Sarah Street Grill (10pm), Mosey Beat at Pearly Baker’s (10:30pm), and Life After Dead at the Funhouse – also at 10:30pm.

Saturday: Doug Kaetz has you covered early at New Hope Winery (1pm) and in the evening at County Seat Spirits (7pm). At 6;30pm you have The Audio Files at Cave Brewing Company and Michael Reisman at Leaf Cigar Bar. Ash & Snow will be at Easton Wine Project and Joe Argese is at Gallows Hill Spirits at 7pm. The Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo (Colonial Pizza) and Annie Hills (Godfrey Daniels) get started at 8pm. Later starts include The Southbound Band at Three Mugs Pub (9pm), the Chelsea Lyn Meyer Band at the Lynville Hotel (9:30pm), Shane Reimer at the College Hill Tavern and the Dana Gaynor Band at Pearly Baker’s – both at 10pm – and Dear Anna at the Funhouse at 10:30.

Sunday: Stoney Run Winery has an early show with Tucker Michaels at 2pm. The Godfrey Daniels open mic night features Leah Marie Fuls with a 7pm start time and Doyle and the Dudes invade the Funhouse at 10:30pm

Unfortunately, at this time of year, the weather can have an effect on your weekend plans. Saturday looks like it can get ugly but, it can also be nothing at all. In the event that the weather is bad, I will post any postponements or cancellations I know of on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lvvoicesofthevalley/). Of course, I may not be aware of ALL cancellations so, if you don’t see your show there, it may be best to check with the venue first before venturing out. Let’s all hope that is not necessary so we can all get out and support live local music this weekend.

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Cave Brewing Co. presents – The Audio Files

Cave Brewing Company is a relatively new venue and, possibly one of the best kept secrets in the Lehigh Valley. This Saturday evening, January 18, they will be hosting a relatively new rock cover band – The Audio Files – who won’t be a secret for long. This is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with “The Cave” while enjoying some great live music and some of the best craft beers the Valley has to offer.

The Audio Files – Fronted by the extremely talented Nick Lindsay (guitar/vocals) and led by one of the most dynamic lead guitarists in the Valley (Mark Cernese), The Audio Files will wow you with their rock-solid performance of many popular songs from the Classic Rock Era to the present. They are backed by David Ackerman on drums and Billy Kleinberg (bass guitar/vocals). Fresh off an outstanding performance at Allentown Brew Works (1/10/20), they have developed a large following in a very short period of time.

Cave Brewing Company – In a very unique location inside the South Mall on Lehigh Street, they feature a large enough space for special events and ample seating to accommodate large audiences for live music performances. With 16 different beers on tap most nights and local meads, wines and spirits, there is something to satisfy any taste. The venue is also family and dog friendly so, your children or your pets are welcome. There are two restaurants inside the mall and two others on the mall grounds and all food is welcome in The Cave. Delivery is available from the pizza shop in the mall so, you never have to leave your seat.

This Saturday’s show begins at 6:30pm and we recommend getting there early to secure the best possible seats. Come out this weekend and get a taste of things to come at The Cave. Live music will be coming back on a regular basis in the early spring and we want you to experience first-hand what a great place this will be for musicians and music lovers alike.

Weekly Live Music "HOT SPOTS" – 1/9-1/12

Another weekend is upon us, the weather is supposed to be warm and the music is hot ! T he first open mic night at Cave Brewing Company gets started with sign-ups at 5:30pm. Come play a few tunes and enjoy 50% off drinks for all performers. Originals are encouraged but, cover songs are welcome. Host Nick Lindsay will draw one lucky performer’s name at the end of the night to win a gift card for a future visit to the Cave. At Easton Wine Project, the singer/songwriter series continues with Thomas Johnston at 6:30pm. Enjoy an all-original 2-hour set and some of the finest wines the Valley has to offer. Looking for late-night entertainment ? We have that, too. Tim Harakal will hit the stage at Pearly Baker’s Ale House at 10pm while Hexting rocks the Funhouse Southside at 10:30. And we’re just getting started.

Friday: Seth Witcher gets things started at 5pm at the Downtown Allentown Market. The 6 o’clock hour has Doug Kaetz at Tolino Vineyards, Bill Ihling at Invertase Brewing Co, Smooth Retsina Glow at Volpe’s Allentown and Kyle Yankowy (6:30pm) at Union & Finch. At 7pm you can choose between Audio Files at Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works, Brian Kibler at Easton Wine Project or Dry Reef at Yergey’s Brewing Co. Them Spicy Boize will team up with Mosey Beat at Harper’s Pub at 8pm while Colonial Pizza hosts Schubert & Binder, Jeremiah Williams is at Hop Daddy’s and Andy Kilcoyne will be on the Godfrey Daniels stage. The late night lineup finds the Will Kiss Band at Pearly Baker’s, Dave Johnsen at Porter’s Pub (both at 10pm) and the Wonton Soups at the Funhouse (10:30).

Saturday: A couple afternoon shows kick things off with Just So at Stony Run Winery (2pm) and Ralph Pagano at Eight Oaks Farm Distillery (3pm). Mosey Beat will be at Two Rivers Quakertown at 6:30pm. At 7pm, the Jeni Hackett Duo will be at Easton Wine Project and Robbie Burns at Godfrey Daniels. StillCraft returns to the Sam Adams Brewery at 9pm and the late night lineup has Carlos at Porter’s Pub and the Noble Brothers Band at Pearly Baker’s at 10pm while Redwood Reggae closes out the night at the Funhouse who will also host Lorenzo on Sunday night. Both shows start at 10:30.

Don’t see your name, your band or your venue here ? That’s an easy fix. Let us know your weekend schedule by Wednesday and we’ll make sure your show is listed here. Send us a message on Facebook or email at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com. For information and tickets to Godfrey Daniels events, visit http://www.godfreydaniels.org. Get out this weekend and support live, local music and the venues that bring it to you. Keep the local music scene alive in the Valley.

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Weekly Music "HOT SPOTS" – 1/2-1/5

It’s a brand new year, one we hope will be filled with lots of great new music from many of our local artists. Tonight also marks the start of a brand new singer/songwriter series at Easton Wine Project. With the exception of the monthly open mic night, they will host a different local singer/songwriter every Thursday evening at 6:30pm. Taking the stage for tonights’ first performance in this all-original music series will be Andrew Dunn. Also tonight, the Funhouse Southside reopens it’s doors after a brief holiday vacation to host the Urban Achievers at 10:30pm. Here’s how the rest of the weekend shapes up:

Friday: Doyle and the Dudes will be at the Last Run Lounge, Doug Kaetz is at Bishop Estates Winery and Carlos is at the Easton Public Market, all starting at 6pm. Chris Colaiaco is at Union & Finch at 6:30pm, the Joe & Tony Acoustic Duo is at Easton Wine Project at 7pm and the Manatawny Creek Ramblers hit the stage at Godfrey Daniels at 8pm. The 10:30pm starts include Public Displays of Rejection at Pearly Baker’s Ale House and the Dead Abides at the Funhouse.

Saturday: Aaron Fritz will be at Stoney Run Winery at 2pm to get your day started. The Stevie Vicks Acoustic Duo is at Easton Wine Project at 7pm. At 8pm, Dave Johnsen will be at Colonial Pizza and Jim Weider & Project Percolator at Godfrey Daniels. Mike Geroni and the Dead Zombies will rock the Lynville Hotel at 9:30pm and KEF is at the Funhouse at 10:30.

Sunday: Stoney Run Winery has another afternoon show with Steve Brosky starting at 2pm. Bill Ihling is your featured artist for the Godfrey Daniels open mic night starting at 7 and Public Displays of Rejection will round out the evening at the Funhouse with a 10:30pm start.

Start the new year off right by getting out and supporting live music. The start of the singer/songwriter series at Easton Wine Project provides a rare opportunity for local songwriters to share their original music during a 2-hour set and definitely deserves a look. They provide a great atmosphere, a unique menu and a great selection of wines and local craft beers. Tickets and information for Godfrey Daniels events can be found at http://www.godfreydaniels.org. Tickets are not required for Sunday’s open mic but there is a $3.50 cover charge at the door.

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Weekly Live Music "HOT SPOTS" – 12/26-12/28

It’s the final weekend of the year so, get out and celebrate. Shake off that holiday hangover with some live music starting tonight. There are a couple open mic nights where you can show off your skills starting at 7PM. You can choose from Easton Wine Project’s monthly open mic or Shawnee Craft Brewing’s weekly event hosted by Jeremiah Williams. Dave’s Night Out (Dave Fry) with George Hrab also gets started at 7PM at Godfrey Daniels. There are several late-night choices as well. Josh of Funk Norris is at Pearly Baker’s Ale House and Mosey Beat will be at the Sarah Street Grill, both at 9:30pm. JR Rabbit, Scruft and Conor Cameron round out your Thursday at the Funhouse South Side at 10:3o.

Friday: Doug Kaetz kicks things off at 6:30PM at Hewn Spirits. At 7pm, Colin O’Leary is at Easton Wine Project and Jeremiah Williams (Acoustic Bliss) is at Boser Geist Brewing. Dear Anna is at Rival’s at 8PM, Pentley Holmes takes the stage at Porter’s Pub at 9:30PM, The Moondogs are at Pearly Baker’s at 10PM and Them Spicey Boize will rock the Funhouse with Jawnstowne Standard at 10:30.

Saturday: There are a couple afternoon spots to take in. Doug Kaetz will be at Blue Ridge Estates Winery at 2PM and Roi & The Secret People will be at Weyerbacher Brewing with Duster V at 3PM. At 6PM you can find MoJo at the Slopeside Pub and Blue Moxie at Boser Geist. Brian Kibler will be at the Beef Baron while Easton Wine Project will host The Harrisons at 7PM. The Mark & Ralph Acoustic Duo will be at Colonial Pizza starting at 8pm and the late-night begins with Harlan Tucker at Fossil’s Last Stand at 9PM. Doyle and the Dudes hit the stage at 9:30PM at the Strange Brew Tavern while The Will Kiss Band is at the Wooden Match and Redwood Reggae is at Pearly Baker’s (both at 10PM). Round out your weekend at the Funhouse at 10:30PM with their holiday party featuring DJ Discreet and Kimock Vinyl Drum.

You will need tickets to get in to Godfrey Daniels tonight and you can find more information and make reservations at http://www.godfreydaniels.org. The Funhouse will be closed on Sunday so, check back here next week for their upcoming schedule. If you want your information published here simply let us know by Wednesday by sending us a Facebook message, using the “contact us” form on our website or email us at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com. Come out and support live music this weekend.

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Weekly Live Music "HOT SPOTS" – 12/19-12/22

The Bastard Sons Presents will be coming at you twice this week. Tonights’ show at Two Rivers Brewing Company will feature Dana Gaynor and Pentley Holmes. Tomorrow they will welcome Sam Housel in to the fold at the Reigelsville Inn. Both shows start at 8PM. Others appearing more than once this weekend include Doyle and the Dudes (tonight at the Funhouse, 10:30PM and tomorrow at Colonial Pizza, 8PM), Mosey Beat (Fri – 9PM at Bar None, Sat – 10PM at Porter’s Pub and Sun – 10:30PM at the Funhouse) and Shane Reimer (tonight – 9:30PM at Pearly Baker’s Ale House and tomorrow, 7Pm at the Slopeside Pub). Here’s what the rest of the weekend looks like:

Tonight: The Charter Arts Holiday Vocal Cafe, Godfrey Daniels, 7PM and the Dan DeChellis Trio at Porter’s Pub, 8PM will be joining the Bastard Sons, Shane Reimer and Doyle and the Dudes with Thursday night shows to get your weekend started.

Friday: In addition to the Bastard Sons, Doyle & the Dudes and Mosey Beat, you can go see McConney at Invertase Brewing Company at 6PM, The Chivalrous Crickets at Godfrey Daniels – 8PM, Beautiful Disaster at Pearly Baker’s – 10PM and and the Trouble City All Stars at the Funhouse – 10:30PM.

Saturday: Doug Kaetz will get the night started at Sorrenti Cherry Valley Vineyards – 5PM. The 7 o’clock hour is packed with Leah Fuls at Easton Wine Project, Woodside Avenue at Yergey Brewing Company and Jordan White at the Beef Baron joining Shane Reimer in this time slot. At 8PM you can choose between Jack Pierone at Colonial Pizza or The American Streets Band at Diamond Fire Company. The Sarah Ayers Band with James Supra will be at Fossil’s Last Stand starting at 9PM while The Seattle Sound Machine (Pearly Baker’s – 10PM) and the Beings & Friends (Funhouse – 10:30PM) join Mosey Beat on the late-night schedule.

On Sunday afternoon at 2PM, Godfrey Daniels will host Dave Fry’s Carol Sing Along and you can finish up the weekend with Mosey Beat at the Funhouse at 10:30.

For tickets and information to Godfrey Daniels events, visit http://www.godfreydaniels.org. If you want to be a part of the Weekly Live Music “HOT SPOTS” it’s easy – drop us a line on Facebook Messenger, the “contact us” form on the website or at lvvoicesofthevalley@gmail.com by Wednesday evening and we’ll make sure to get your event listed. Take some time this weekend to show your support to our local musicians and the venues that bring you live music every week.

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